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# 1 red alerts
02-11-2013, 05:23 PM
are these ever going to get fixed esp. the one in romulan space?
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02-11-2013, 06:15 PM
There's a better chance of the US getting out of debt than there is of Cryptic fixing anything bugged in this ame.
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02-11-2013, 10:30 PM
Things getting fixed! Have you watched Star Trek 5 the final frontair. Thats how they run the server 90% of the time were sorry we cant afford to buy rock monster costumes right now.

The list of things broken right now
1. Crystal Entity (Thank God it Broke too worst fleet que ever made no one solved it)
2. Patrol missions (Use to beable to que them now you have to fly to every planet)
3. PvP (So bad it not worth fixing)
4. Terror Drome (Going on 3 years and its still not in the que system)
5. Kerrort system (Never been touched by a development team since open beta)
6. Bugs (Yea the Klinks still shoot at you from a top of buildings)
7. Drops (Have you noticed a shortage of beam weapons)
8. Perfect World Billing (Because I live in IL I have to use Paypal to pay the bills Visa is used by what 90% of the world?)
9. The Captains Table (It be nice if we can sit down at it at some point.)
10. Planets (Beam down to Risa you cant even buy drinks, Andor park rangers anyone, Vulcan Logic say not to go to vulcan, buy a fruit on Bajor, crate of squid anyone go to delfara)

I'm sure I am missing things its been so long now you know the games free to play now. Sure some of us are gold members but they just ignore us now.

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