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Survivor of Romulus
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Alright, I feel like I'm throwing myself to the wolves.

Anyways here I go, I'm just starting to do PvP in sto stf's while as fun as they are just get a bit boring after your 300th time running them so giving PvP a shot. I've been messing around for the last week trying to figure out all the best things to run, what to do etc. This is what I've come up with so far, and any opinions or advice is welcome.

First my skills, I've run a few matches and it seems to be alright by that I mean I'm actually killing people for once. Also I'm dead set keeping the ground skills what they are because I'm one of my fleets STF teachers.


Second, my ship build.

Fleet Tactical Escort Retrofit

Fore: Advance Fleet Phaser DHC's x3 XII, 1 Quantum Torpedo XII
Aft: Advanced Fleet Phaser Turrets x2 XII,1 Quantum Torpedo XII
Deflector: MACO XII
Shield: MACO XII
Engine: MACO XII
Engineering Consoles: RCS XI, Neutronium XI, EPS XI
Science Consoles: Field Generator XI, Borg Assimilated Module
Tactical Consoles: Phaser Relay XI x3, 1 Zero Point Chamber XI, Cannon Prefire XII
Device: Red Matter

I know I shouldn't be using Fleet Weapons in PvP and I am currently working on fixing that that, also most Consoles are Rare except the Cannon Prefire which is a VR.

Boffs powers you can see in the Skills link so I won't repost those, for the most part this is what I've been experimenting with for the past few days, but I'm completely new to PvP and have mostly avoided it like the plague so I'm looking towards the wisdom those of those that are more experienced, because I would like to help start the fleet I co-Lead into playing PvP more and being good at it.

Stats wise I've been getting around 200-600k maybe a bit higher in some cases in damage per pvp match.

Thank you for any help and advice you can provide, it will be very much appreciated.

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# 2
02-12-2013, 02:03 PM
This is still a great read.

Join OPVP, see the sticky in this forum.

Build isn't terrible. Go all Phaser Relays. I'd drop the rear torp for another turret. Fleet stuff misses other escorts, don't blow your wad unless they're held. Most other stuff it will still hit I think. APB is going to get cleansed by TT which everybody runs.

That's a quick stab, I'm an admittedly mediocre escort pilot so my betters will likely have more advice.

What are your doffs?
Survivor of Romulus
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 69
# 3
02-12-2013, 02:17 PM
I have two Energy Weapon Specialists that reduce recharge on Cannon powers, 1 Conn officer that reduces recharge on Attack Patterns, Projectile Specialist for Torpedo Recharge and an Astrometrics Scientist for Transwarp powers.

I've checked that page before, and did get a lot of useful info from it, but I'm just trying to understand and put it all together now into something that works.

Also yeah, I know in the process of upgrading from fleet, low on in-game funds atm.
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# 4
02-12-2013, 03:24 PM
Tbh, I'd drop the Maco Engines for either Omega or Speedx3 Turnx1 Advanced Fleet Engines. At the very least have hyper impulse engines for an Escort.

I like to use Tet Glider, so use the Omega deflector which also gives a targeting boost if you don't need/want the Maco cooldown bonus. (I'm assuming you can get STF gear w/all the runs you've done). I'm also an Omega shield fan for the movement boosts, but I can see where you want the resists/power of the MACO. Most people aim for the endgoal of Elite Shields though.

If you're PuGing look for target's who's defenses are about to run out or don't have any up. Since, you don't have a TB look for who a Sci is debuffing.

As mentioned before APB is cleared by TT go w/APD so at least your or ally has defense boosts.

You'll want shield and engine batteries. Also, w/just 1 etps you're going to have a 30 second hole in your shield power/resist/regen capabilities. Have a high shield preset w/rest in engine power to go to. I'd also have a high engine power preset w/rest in shields.

Personally, I'd drop the RSP for a 2nd epts and play a more hit and run style if you're teammates aren't support oriented. In otherwords if you feel yourself under heavy fire that's breaking, use high engine power preset and evasives. Save RMC/Eng Batt incase your engine power gets nuked. Stay at max engine power and clear and DoTs. Then recloak and pick a new target.
Survivor of Romulus
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 69
# 5
02-13-2013, 11:01 AM
Tried some of the changes you suggested, I didn't quite like the hit and run play style with the two EptS especially after having 3 Jem'Bugs targeting me at the same time made the two EptS useless imo.

However I did switch AP:B out and replaced it with Delta, works wonders for helping me survive and kill from the two games I played with it.

I will end up using Engine Batteries from now on though mixed with the Red Matter, just from exp and what I've read people really like to knock engines offline... well a lot!

Changed weapons to XI DHC's with Acc x2 and CritD seen a major improvement over the Fleet.

Umm hmm other then that I killed and won a PvP against my Science Friend which I've never been able to beat her before.

I don't quite have access to Tier 5 Omega yet so that'll have to wait, I was one of the lucky people and got my sets before the Reputation change, but I am on the last tier so I'll have it done within the next week or two(I've been lazy lol).

Anyways thank you for the suggestions, some of them have helped quite a bit.

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