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The first 49 ranks are fun with PVP as there is always a match ready, and the competition was fairly even. But as soon as you hit Rank 50 and you try to PVP you get excessively long waiting times and are pitted against people who have already taken the time to build "perfect" captains and ships, and this difference in power is extremely blunt to the point that people just wont join the queue (the cause of the long waits). Even some of my friends stopped playing because the PVP was so unbalanced at the high rank.

So what if instead of just having an all out bash of the best of the best and rookie rank 50s, what if there was a ranking tier system in place? One that would pit players of similar skill together rather than similar rank. Something along the lines of there would be X number of tiers and to advanced to the next tier you had to win 5 or so battles, or your could challenge the next tier for an immediate climb. However to keep it balanced you may not challenge a tier lower than yours, to keep OP players from just out right murdering the not-so-OP. And finally if you loose 5 or so fights in a row you are bumped down to the next lower tier because obviously your are not quite ready for that level of game play.

So, what are your thoughts on this more well-rounded matchmaking system? It promotes more High level PVP, shorter queues, and skill-appropriate match-ups.

Edit: thinking it over Further, there would be a sort of seeding period if this would be implemented for the reason that they system wouldnt know where to put everyone at first so it would seem the same as the current PVP for a bit, but as the OP people are wisked away to higher tiers you can enjoy the game play a bit more.

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02-11-2013, 07:32 AM
This is not a bad idea actually i only see one problem with it.

How can one get better if they dont play someone better?

Im no pvp God by any means, (i flat out suck 1 on 1) but a lot of what ive learned came from getting my butt kicked as well as asking some of those people questions instead of just being mad at them, i pm them afterwards tell them gg and ask them, what they run,,what did they do,,,what did i do wrong ect ect....
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02-11-2013, 09:28 AM
Try to join an active PvP fleet with members who are willing to help or you can join PvP Bootcamp and they'll teach you there.

This problem is present in most games at end game PvP. When you come across the elites prepare for a rough go. I understand the balance issues are there but there are ways to improve your experience with a little bit of knowledge of the game mechanics.

Good luck
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02-11-2013, 04:22 PM
Well if you put it that way then those boot camps and PvP fleets would help to rank you up in the perposed ladder system faster. while people who just want casual PvP rather than compettive can stay in safer tiers for them for still enjoy the game.

And to answer maximus

The perposed rank up mechanic was:

- you win X number of matches in your same tier and automatically rank up to the next.

-You have the option of joining thea match in the next tier up for Imediate rank-up if you win.

-Then if you loose X amount of matches in a row you rank down.

Personally I just want the opertunity for fair and even Casual PvP without the need to go the extra mile to super buff my entire build by knowing everything about it. I run a simple Atrox Power Siphon build, it's nothing special and extreamly vaunerable, I just don't want to fell like I'm walking into a prison shower every time I try PvP.

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02-13-2013, 04:54 AM
Well the boot camp and PvP fleets will help you streamline your build and help you protect yourself better. What you do with it after that is up to you.

A tier system would better match people of similar experience but we've been waiting for these forever.

Casual PvP is still a competition. Kill or be killed. If you don't defend yourself, heal your teammates, apply spike damage or pressure in some way you will always have a tough time.

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