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# 1 Mega Cycles and Microneutrons
02-12-2013, 08:39 PM
I'm running that Officer of the Watch Daily mission where you need to tweak settings on various engineering consoles, and I noticed something that's not quite right. Two of the consoles use the units Microneutrons and Megacycles, ok, fictional units, I'm ok with that, but then the values to adjust on these two are given as decimals, e.g. .05 Megacycles, the interact buttons say add/subtract a Megacycle, but when you click them, the value only changes by .01 megacycles per click. The mechanics of this minigame are ok, but if I were to add a whole megacycle, the value should go up by a whole number, not a hundredth of a megacycle. Shouldn't I be adding 10 kilocycles or something like that?

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