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02-13-2013, 08:40 PM
Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
There are painfully limited missions/zones to do this with.
Yeah, that was the point I was trying to make. That's the best you can do, which is a fair amount, but... not many people can do that regularly when those missions come around. If at all.
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02-13-2013, 08:41 PM
No to this whole timed concept. I shouldn't be punished because I can read faster during a story mission than some other dude.

Never mind AFK exploits.

This is backwards from how video games are supposed to work. It's like building a pinball table where you get a million bonus points for losing your ball faster.

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Re: removing fleet marks from foundry mission - This is a bad move period. Don't expect me to spend $ if it goes live.
-End of line.
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Originally Posted by jnohd View Post
Ok, I'll throw my voice into this FM debate:
What he said.
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Originally Posted by petst0ne View Post
Cryptic, I'd celebrate your 3 year anniversary well, because at this rate, you'll destroy yourself before the 4th
they have been destroying this game with every patch, to milk us dry and then move on to a diff game

did u know the dev worked on farmville
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02-13-2013, 09:00 PM
Originally Posted by deusemperor View Post
You guys messed up the Temporal Disruption Device. It now has half damage but still same 19 second cooldown. Its damage is now 3,255.2 kinetic which is half of what it is on holodeck right now. The cooldown for it is still 19 seconds!!! Either double the damage or else cut the cooldown in half! This needs to be fixed before it goes to holodeck!

P.S. WHy does it have a 30 second cooldown after firing off a torp spread... That doesn't even make sense.
I can confirm this: the Temporal Disruption Device is broken.

On Holodeck, my TDD does 10,720.1 kinetic damage (post-consoles and set powers) with a cooldown of 20 seconds. Its cooldown increases to 60 seconds when using Torpedo Spread or High Yield.

On Tribble, my TDD does 5,360.1 kinetic damage (post-consoles and set powers) with a cooldown of 20 seconds. Its cooldown increases to 30 seconds when using Torpedo Spread or High Yield.

I never understood why its cooldown increased at all when using BOff abilities; I always figured it was a holdover from when the TDD was considered a tricobalt torpedo. Seeing as the TDD is not a tricobalt torpedo, shouldn't it be exempt from the changes in this patch? And shouldn't its cooldown always be 20 seconds, instead of variable?

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I decided to edit my post i was angry and disgusted. I just want to say that this is a big mistake. I am very worried about the future of my fleets progression and the future of this game if these kind of changes can be brought about without considering the repercussions and that a small minority can hold so much sway in the content of this game. All i can hope for is that the decision makers at Cryptic care more about the 1000's of paying players that they are hindering with this Nerf than they do about the small yet very vocal group that brought this change about.

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Adding another voice of discontent - our fleet is barely managing t5 and the embassy as is, this will slow it to a crawl, if not kill off some people's contributions completely.
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This is a disappointing and somewhat puzzling decision.

Among the "power players" in my fleet, who raise the lion's share of resources for fleet projects, playing Foundry story missions with a 5-man group was our preferred method of raising fleet marks. We play a variety of content ranging from elite STFs to fleet actions to PVP, but Foundry story missions are our preferred means of resource gathering.


Because we can reasonably expect that each time we play a mission we will get a new experience.

By completely removing the fleet mark reward from Foundry content, you're introducing a resource vacuum that means we will have to play alternative content to get our fleet marks. Realistically, because of the size of our fleet, that means the "fleet action of the day" (for its 50 FM wrapper).

Unfortunately, unless GMF happens to be the mission du jour, the time committment of playing a 20-man fleet action means that we are missing out on at least one and maybe two Foundry missions. If your intention is to promote Foundry play, this decision is counterproductive to your intention.

Meanwhile, I suspect this will do little to suppress EC grinder missions - which I think we all know are the reason for the recent Foundry nerfs - since the sole reason people play those missions is to rapidly meet the daily Foundry EC cap. Synergy rewards such as dilithium and FMs are secondary rewards that don't represent the reason players run those missions.

Lest this post be entirely negative, let me take a moment to applaud the decision to introduce scaling dilithium rewards, especially if those rewards are fair and represent a competitive incentive to play Foundry content as a dilithium source. However, the decision to remove Fleet Marks seems poorly considered. Would it not be wiser to simply introduce a scaling FM reward as well?

A scaling fleet mark reward would devalue timed minimum-duration dilithium farming missions and EC grinders without introducing a structural disincentive for fleets to play these missions.

This decision brings to mind the choice to remove dilithium from STFs. I understand the desire of the development team to weaken reward synergy and therefore encourage players to utilize traditionally-underplayed content, but wasn't the lesson learned that reducing key resource rewards doesn't only add an incentive to play other content - it adds a disincentive to play the content that lost the reward.

In my experience, for all its occasional missteps STO provides a good gameplay experience and is administered by a development team that cares about the quality of this product. I hope you take a moment to reflect on this decision and consider the ramifications of this change on the ability of players like myself to balance their responsibilities to their fleets with their desire to play Foundry content - including as a team-based, fleet activity.
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ANOTHER tricobalt nerf? Really? This really, really makes me angry. Sure, the DPS is constant, but the weapons will be a lot less fun and less effective. Taking down enemy shields and making a mine run every 30 seconds is fun. Having to make twice the mine runs using mines that are helpless against shield facings? Plus, there are some very fun things one can do with these mines that were still possible after the last nerf (with planning and luck) that almost certainly won't be possible anymore solo. Then again, I guess I "wasn't supposed to" be able to do such things or they weren't part of the devs' master plan.

As another poster said, "put the nerf bat down and walk away" devs. From the overreaction to people jumping off a very obvious cliff in "the Fast and the Flurrious" to the condemnation of people taking advantage of every easy opportunity to earn dilithium or fleet marks it seems that the dev team has been getting very pushy about trying to get folks to play the game they way they are "supposed to." In the meantime, Mk XII gear once obtainable with prototype borg salvage gets taken away and any equivalent gear purchasable through the Rep system now costs a shipload of dilithium in addition to omega marks and other resources. This is on top of the starbase and embassy grinds.

I am sick and tired of wondering now each time I discover something new or useful in this game how long it will be before said thing gets nerfed or removed. Oh yeah, where is that Romulan Flamethrower? I guess further ruining my tricobalt fun (are pvp'ers STILL whining about them even after the nerf? Or are people doing things with them that they "shouldn't?") is more important than fixing the BOFF slot issues, space tray issues, PvE queue issues with people getting dropped from games left and right, lag issues, server issues.....

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