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1: Ghost Ship
Arena Map
Features: Short lines of sight. Multiple levels. Randomized spawn points. Small map. Favors assault. Prone to both deliberate and accidental spawncamping.

Ghost ship is characterized by spawncamping. A minor problem on all the maps, on Ghost Ship spawncamping isn't so much something that people do to you, but something that just happens no matter what. Almost every point on the map has direct line of sight on at least one of the spawn points, and the map is small with few alternate routes, so if you respawn away from your team it is almost guaranteed that the other team will catch you alone. The most defensible room is downstairs. We will cover more about breaking out of a spawncamp and regrouping with your team in Session C.

2: Deserted Facility
Arena Map
Features: Medium to long lines of sight. Multiple levels. Randomized spawn points. Large map. Balanced between assault and defense.

Deserted Facility is a defender's paradise. Every major room except for the upstairs room has good interior lines of sight for your medic, tight chokepoints with limited cover for the enemy, good cover for defenders, and multiple fallback positions within the room. Most fights start in the top room, which is the closest position between the two initial spawn points, and easily defended if your team can take it first. The weakest defensive position is upstairs in the south of the map. The easiest position to defend is the downstairs room in the south of the map. It will help you to spend some time on this map and learn how the upstairs and downstairs rooms are shaped, so that you can deduce from the minimap whether your opponents are upstairs or downstairs by their position and movement on the map.

Deserted Facility also has options for assault, but in a different way from Ghost Ship. Good overlapping cover on assault paths, good lines of sight for the attacking medic, moderately good retreat paths, and the ability to catch a defender?s counter-push at chokepoints with poor cover and poor retreat paths, makes Deserted Facility a strong map for slow, methodical advances followed by precisely timed assaults.

3: Assimilated Cruiser
Arena Map
Features: Fixed spawn points for one team, randomized spawn points for the other team. Medium lines of sight. Single level. Favors defense.

Assimilated Cruiser is the easiest map to learn and fight on. It has plentiful cover, areas that favor close, medium, and long range, only a single level, and even color coded hallways to keep you from getting lost. The easiest position to defend is the middle room, with the transporter pad, which has good fallback positions and long lines of sight for your medic. The hardest position to defend is the left room, with the bridge, which has poor fallback positions and lots of cover that is positioned in such a way that your medic will have a hard time keeping line of sight on a moving battle. The best position to fight alone against a larger number of enemies is the right hand room, with engineering. Maneuvering on, under, and around the raised platforms in that room can help you cut off lines of sight, isolate opponents, confuse pets, and stretch out your timings.

4: Shanty Town
Assault Map

Features: Fixed spawn points. Respawning NPC turrets on each side. "The Virus." Long lines of sight. Multiple levels. High potential for abuse. Broken level geometry. Favors flanking actions and rapid repositioning.

Shanty Town is the only Assault map. It works differently from Arena. Instead of counting up from 0 to the kill count (30 in the queues), it counts down from 60, with the first team to reach 0 winning. You get one point for killing an enemy. The other way to get points is by running the virus. There is a mainframe console at each team's initial spawn position, on the two o'clock and eight o'clock positions of the map. There are also two defense post consoles, one for each team, in the alley in the middle of the map. You can pick up the virus at your own side's mainframe and then run it to the enemy's defense post or mainframe, sort of like a reverse version of Capture the Flag. The mainframe is worth 7 points, and the defense post in the alley is worth 3 points.

Shanty Town is the hardest map for a regular player to play on. The level geometry got broken in Season 7 with the addition of invisible walls in a number of places, which can get you stuck when you think you're running through open space. The Caitian and Feresian races can get up on areas of the level that players are not intended to access, allowing them much greater mobility than other players and enabling them to fight from places where enemies cannot pursue them. And the virus can be run by an invisible cloaker with Covert, in such a way that only a team that is aware of the trick and has great situational awareness can prevent.

The threat of the virus means that a team does not need to attack a fixed position if you bunker down. They can just ignore you and get points by running the virus. The simplest way to defend against this is to overpower your opponent and maintain dominance over the whole map, but this is often not possible. Instead, you will usually need to remain mobile and able to cover both the mainframe and the defense post in the alley, while avoiding getting caught in the open and destroyed by an enemy with good cover. There are two places that can do this effectively: the left or right side of the alley (whichever is closest to your own mainframe), and your side of the bridge that crosses over the alley.

by Guriphu

- Reduce cooldown of hypos, power cells, and shield charges. (Note: the one that reduces enemy damage resistance does NOT work on players, and may not work on NPCs, either.)
- Pro: improves timings significantly.
- Con: none. Almost every build should have one of these.
- Best synergy with: all
- Quantity: 1

Security Officer
- Increased critical hit chance and severity with melee weapons.
- Pro: makes melee attacks viable in pvp. Improves already-effective melee kit powers and racial actives. Highly effective in PVE.
- Con: melee attacks overexpose the user, allowing an experienced team to destroy you.
- Best synergy with: Fire Team with sword, Operative lunge, anyone fighting a shield-tanking engineer.
- Quantity: 3

- Chance to boost hit points on using Vascular Regenerator and Medical Tricorder
- Pro: This is essentially an added buffer against incoming damage, protecting against oneshot attacks or providing bigger effective heals.
- Con: Unreliable and usually small benefit.
- Best Synergy with: Medic
- Quantity: 3

- Chance to reduce the cooldown time of Exothermic Induction Field and Hyperionic Radiation
- Pro: Improves your timings dramatically, allowing for high dps and high pressure on enemies.
- Con: Unreliable.
- Best synergy with: Physicist
-Quantity: 3

Research Lab Scientist (Tucoura)
- Chance to confuse targets affected by Neural Neutralizer
- Pro: lets Neural Neutralizer help protect your team, and disrupt the enemy team, rather than just protecting you.
- Con: minimal effectiveness in 1v1
- Best synergy with: Medic (Physicist wants to keep at long range if at all possible, while Medic can afford to get close for a limited time.)
- Quantity: 1 or 2

- Increases duration of Tricorder Scan damage resistance debuff
- Pro: a blue or purple Biologist will enable you to keep tricorder scan up on a target indefinitely. Purple will actually give you a 2-second transition time.
- Con: does not improve healing capacity, and tricorder scan is already chain-able under tactical initiative.
- Best synergy with: Physicist
- Quantity: 1

Security Officer
- Chance to spawn extra Security Escorts
- Pro: Massed security escorts effectively clear mines, generate phaser procs and exposes for feds, disruptor procs and knockdown for KDF, disrupt enemy pets, and put dps pressure on the enemy team if not cleared.
- Con: Not compatible with melee Security Officer doffs.
- Best Synergy With: Fire Team
- Quantity: 3

- Chance to spawn a Medic when using a Hypo
- Pro: gives you a little bit of extra health and damage resistance on occasion, which can make all the difference for the fragile and timing-dependent Tactical Officer.
- Con: unreliable and undependable even if it procs. Small overall effect.
- Best Synergy With: Fire Team
- Quantity: 1

Diagnostic Engineer
- Chance to grant invulnerable shields for 6 seconds on using Shield Recharge
- Pro: Shield Recharge is a fast-cycling buff that can be placed on an ally as well as yourself.
- Con: Shield-tanking engineers don't die because Shield Recharge isn't strong enough, they die because their healing rotation has gaps in it that they can be killed in, or from bleedthrough damage. This is only really effective as a team buff, but it is too unreliable to be really effective at that. Incompatible with damage boosting Diagnostic Engineer.
- Best Synergy With: Equipment Technician
- Quantity: 3

Diagnostic Engineer
- Chance to boost energy damage on using Equipment Diagnostics
- Pro: adds a substantial dps boost to the otherwise very survivable but low dps Equipment Technician kit
- Con: unreliable. Incompatible with shield invuln Diagnostic Engineer
- Best Synergy With: Equipment Technician
- Quantity: 3

- Chance to spawn a Medic when using a Hypo
- Pro: gives you a little bit of extra health and damage resistance on occasion, which can slow the rate at which bleedthrough damage kills you through your shields
- Con: unreliable and undependable even if it procs. Small overall effect.
- Best Synergy With: Equipment Technician or Enemy Neutralization
- Quantity: 1

by Guriphu

This deals only with full-build pvp gear. Building through the rep system will be necessary to acquire some of it.

All full-build PvP loadouts on ground involve at least two and usually three pieces of STF gear. I will go over each of them in turn. Actual stats will vary based on your skills, such as Combat Armor, Personal Shield Generator, Repairs, and Medic.

Omega Shield
+29.1% dodge
+29.1% root resistance
+29.1% knockback resistance
308.7 capacity
when receiving All Damage, 5% chance to proc a team buff that will proc a an expose on the next target that fires on you or your team

The dodge chance and expose proc on this shield make it the only real choice for solo play. The only time you can forego the Omega Shield is if you have at least 3 Omega 3sets on your team, at which point you will be able to attain 100% dodge crouching with the Gambling Device without the benefit of the Omega shield.

MACO Shield
+29.1% root resistance
+29.1% knockback resistance
308.7 capacity
reduces all energy damage to shields by 10%
when receiving All Damage, 5% chance to proc a very short duration melee-range stun

Potentially viable with a shield tanking engineer because of the additional shield resistance, this shield is unfortunately loopholed completely by the cryo gun, which deals Cold damage, not Energy damage. The stun effect is negligible.

Honor Guard Shield
+29.1% root resistance
+29.1% knockback resistance
350.8 capacity
When receiving All Damage, 5% chance to proc a team buff that reflects a portion of incoming energy damage back at its source

This shield is noteworthy for its high shield capacity. The reflected damage effect is negligible.

Omega Armor
+5% all energy damage
+2.5% critical chance
+20% critical severity
+64 Physical/Kinetic Damage Resistance
+64 All Energy Damage Resistance
+55.5 maximum hp
When receiving All Damage, 10% chance to grant +5 all energy damage for 6 seconds to Self and Team

This armor provides great damage, but is fragile compared to the Maco and KHG armor. It is generally worn for set bonus, not for its own intrinsic qualities, although Medic can compensate for the lower damage resistance.
MACO Armor
+2 shield regeneration per second
+87.2 Physical/Kinetic Damage Resistance
+64 All Energy Damage Resistance
+55.5 maximum hp
when receiving All Damage, 10% chance to heal +40.1 shield hp to self and team

Sturdy and providing a good shield heal proc, this armor has good synergy with a shield-tanking engineer.

Honor Guard Armor
+0.37 Health Regeneration
+87.2 Physical/Kinetic Damage Resistance
+64 All Energy Damage Resistance
+55.5 maximum hp
when receiving All Damage, 10% chance to heal +40.1 hp to self and team

The health regeneration is inconsequential, but the healing proc is very significant, especially for a shield-tanking engineer, who otherwise has a great deal of trouble with bleedthrough damage. Think of this as roughly an extra hypo every 30 seconds under sustained fire.

Omega Gun
30m range full auto rifle with high primary dps and a high chance to apply a short duration immobilize to the target.

One of the best guns in the game. This gun is pretty much mandatory for a solo Medic, who otherwise has no access to effective holds and slows, because stun pistols are no longer effective at holding enemies because they proc a 20 second immunity to themselves.

Phaser sniper rifle with good damage and very high knockback rate.

An excellent sniper rifle, great for knockback procs. There are better snipers for damage, but nothing beats the Maco for pure knockback factor.

Honor Guard Gun
Disruptor pulsewave with very high primary dps, but a photon grenade instead of an arcwave setting.

The least useful of the STF guns, this weapon lacks the basic function of a pulsewave: point blank ultra-high spike damage with no charge-up. The secondary shot also shares a cooldown with other grenades, meaning that this weapon has very poor synergy with Fire Team, Squad Leader, and other tac kits with grenades. Use this only for its set bonus.

Omega 2set
45 second cooldown active
+100 all energy damage resistance for 10 seconds
+380 stealth for 10 seconds

One of the weaker 2-set bonuses in the game, especially when facing the Cryo pulsewave, which Energy Damage Resistance does not help against. The stealth is also useless, because stealth values less than 400 are visible at full rifle range. The stealth value can be made useful with Covert and the Gamma Tribble, which allows this to be used as a short duration non-fragile cloak.

Maco 2set
45 second cooldown active
fixes shield offline debuffs for 5 seconds
reduces damage to shields by 18% for 30 seconds
+771.7 Shield healing over 5 seconds

The shield heal is nice to patch the gaps in the rotation of a super-tanking engineer, and the 18% shield damage resistance bonus lasts for a full 30 seconds, giving it huge synergy with engineer tanking.

Honor Guard 2set
45 second cooldown active
+617.3 hp healing over 5 seconds
+40% physical melee damage for 5 seconds
removes holds and stuns for 5 seconds

This is probably the best 2-set bonus for a solo tactical officer, especially because tactical initiative lets this cycle every 20 seconds. This essentially triples the healing potential of the tactical officer, making him very hard to beat.

Omega 3set
Grants a buff to Team
+14.5 Dodge
+2.5 critical chance
+2.5 critical severity

Unquestionably the strongest 3set bonus for team play because of its dodge bonus. Every pvp team should have at least 3 Omega 3sets in it. This is also the only 3set you can have for solo play, because of the necessity of the omega shield, which can make up for the relatively weak armor and 2set bonus of the Omega set. A full team of Omega 3sets does not need to crouch in order to attain 100% dodge, granting a huge mobility advantage, and is thus also worth considering.

Maco 3set
Grants a buff to Team
+2.5 All Damage Resistance
+100 run speed resistance
+100 confuse resistance
when allies receive All Damage, 2% chance of applying 8 second expose to damage owner

This is the weakest 3set for team play. The expose chance proc is already duplicated by the Omega shield, so it is more or less worthless.

Honor Guard 3set
Grants a buff to Team
+2.5% all damage
+0 to 10% all damage depending on damage taken by wearer
+2% critical chance
+20% critical severity

This is a viable 3set bonus for team play. Up to 2 people in your team can wear the KHG 3set, providing a major damage and critical damage boost to the team, and a great self-heal for themselves via the 2set. In this configuration, you will still need to crouch for max dodge. However, you can run 4 Omega 3sets and 1 KHG 3set, and only the person in the KHG set will need to crouch.

In review:

Solo Builds
Medic: Omega 3set
Equipment Technician: Omega Shield, Maco Gun, Maco Armor
Fire Team (medium or long ranged): Omega Shield, KHG Gun, KHG Armor
Fire Team (pulsewave): Omega 3set OR Omega Shield, Maco Gun, Maco Armor

Team Builds
At least 3 Omega 3sets (Medic should take it first, followed by Engineer, followed by Tac or Physicist)
No more than 2 KHG 3sets (Tacs or Physicist should take it first, followed by Engineer)

Second Weapons

If running the KHG or Omega gun, augment with a fast-fire, high-damage Exploit gun, such as the Federation Type 3 Phaser Rifle or a Compression Pistol. Tactical Officers may wish to consider a pulsewave instead of the exploit weapon, if they are looking for point-blank oneshot capacity, or if fighting a medic, against which exploit weapons will seldom land an exploit because of Medic?s capacity for clearing Exposes.

If running the Maco gun, augment with a pulsewave or a fast-fire, high-damage Exploit gun, probably a Compression Pistol. (Sniper exploit takes a long time to charge up, so is unreliable and dangerous to the user except at very long range).

Additional weapons have situational uses: sniper rifles, split-beams, stun pistols (very rarely), high density beams, even swords (falchion or sword), and some unique quest-reward weapons. We may cover some of these special situations in session D, depending on the current balance state of the game when that time arrives.

The following weapons are almost never useful: Miniguns, Blast Assaults, Dual Pistols, Batleths, Lirpas, and energy-based melee weapons.

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02-22-2013, 09:31 PM
The omega shield is currently bugged. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. It is still recommended for Medic, which has ample ability to clear exposes and is not a major damage source in team fights to begin with. However, tacs and engineers should avoid the Omega Shield in most cases until the bug is fixed.

Note that since the Borg do not have Exploit attacks, you are still safe using the Omega shield in STFs.
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02-22-2013, 11:04 PM
It's worth noting as well that because of the last patch, the HG gun's grenade doesn't share cooldown with other grenades anymore.
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I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.
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03-10-2013, 07:51 PM
Further testing reveals that the Adapted MACO / KHG 3set and the MACO 3set are nonfunctional. The KHG damage boost applies to the wearer only (not team) and the crit boosts of the KHG and the resistance boosts of the MACO do not apply to self or team.

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