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Hi there, just pointing out 3 bugs I have noticed about bioneural warheads.

1. When firing the warhead, when entering the trigger line, (2.5km or 15km) based on your ship's speed, if it slowly passes the trigger line, it will put your bio-neural into cooldown, but it will not fire the torpedo. I have noticed the speed issue, because it doesn't occur too often on my torpedo boat which has high flight speed at all times, and when using it on cruisers that have highly lower speed, having it failing more often.

2. When launching the warhead from aft facing, it is facing the wrong direction, yes it means that you get more shots from your point defence when it does the useless loop, but it also gives time for the enemy to heal shields/hull.

3. When activating Attack pattern omega, or when being affected by it, bioneural warhead's flight speed is also boosted, this does not occur on use of emergency power to engines or your enginepower (I'm not ure what hapens on use of evasive maneuvers).

Thank you.
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02-14-2013, 02:28 PM
I am one of the seemingly very few people not complaining about last night's change to Tricobalt weapons, but I do have one problem. It seems the damage done by the Bio-Neural Warhead was cut in half along with the rest of the Tricobalts, but the cooldown was not. I am certain this is a mistake, as it completely devalues this special item, and I hope it is fixed quickly.

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