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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
I get that. But my beef isn't really with the third party sites. They may not have the apples. And are only looking at oranges. But their oranges do paint a useful picture when comparing those oranges to the other oranges they track. If that makes any sense. It's not a great piece of data, but it has it's place.

My beef is with the marketing aspects of the official companies ... like you state ...

Cryptic in this case likes to hoot and holler about how great things are but never uses any useful numbers when doing so. That on its own, is also fine with me. It's the in-between bits that grate on me and probably others. The parts where they'll get defensive and debunk third party sites, almost as if it's an offense the site committed against Cryptic. But then Cryptic itself will get all shy and coy when asked for the numbers. Numbers that they're then proud to vaguely reference in marketing hype.

Individually the elements don't really bug me. Debunking a third party site's incorrect numbers is fine. Not releasing the data they have to the public is fine. It's when Cryptic puts it all together and you get some seriously wonky BS you know?

Which is fine. But Cryptic, who's never been good at PR, should really consider how awkward they look when they tout how "great" the game is going, but offer up no hard data. And then have their employees debunk third party figures, but never offer correct data.

In short, I think DStahl and Jack should just kind of shut up about playerbase figures. Forever. It would make everything a lot easier. And take some of the BS away.
Nothing odd about it. People will make big deals of hard data like that; so it's only natural that they don't want third party sites circulating false figures, regardless of whether or not they want to release the official numbers themselves.
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Originally Posted by picardtheiii View Post
I don't think anyone in this thread really took the "sky is falling" route in their comments. Just curious about number of players and stuff. Is it a touchy subject around here?
I think it kinda is because usually folks who bring it up are the "LOL FAILBOAT" kind of person so alot of folks have become defensive about it.

I don't care how many folks play the game as long as it is "enough" to keep the game alive and keep development going. And from what cryptic says we have more then enough.
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So why is it anyone's business the exact number of accounts or number of people who actually play there account or number of people who may play a free account....?

Anyway, not directed at the OP, that was a simple question. More at the conspiracy theorists who feel Cryptic is somehow hiding their numbers from the world at large because....because.... well, personally I cant think of a reason they would, and would not care if they did.

When I log in, there are ALOT of people playing. When I que for a 20 man event, it takes little time to get that many. If the player base increased too much more, I could not even log in. I am already qued time to time with log in. That tells me their statistics are probably closer to the truth than the conspiracy theorists.

You are a customer, not a share holder. You pay for the account you play, and you get it, if you pay for it, not for statistics and how many devs wiped their behinds with Charmin as opposed to Wal Mart brand. You do not deserve to know anything. Your $15 dollars a month buys you an account. Whatever you purchase extra, you bought that product and received it. Does Piggly Wiggly owe you their customer base because you bought a Snickers there? No. They may tell you how many people they had that day, if you ask, and they feel like it. Some of you would go the next day with a counter, and when it didn't match up to the day before accuse Piggly Wiggly of lying, even while you went back inside and bought yiou a Ding Dong.

If you really hate Cryptic so much, please stop using their product. Considering how many play and enjoy it, we really wont miss you that much. Maybe it will be easier for me to log in for the next event, too.

Okay, done poking the bears. Growl, roar, and attack....I have really thick skin. Dr. said so, so it's official.

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