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Recently the Fleet Nough got an upgrade, and now has the same hull and shield values as the fleet hos and b'rel, which made me buy it.

Problem is, when in my b'rel(the retrofit non fleet variant) with HE I / II I was getting tics of 700+- / 900+- or so, now in my nough I'm getting 400+- / 600 +-.

The only changes (As far as gear, boff, etc) go is I swaped the sci and tac boff's around, resulting in loss of attack pattern beta III and gaining energy syphon II and III.

Before (in my b'rel) I was able to keep aux at around 100-110 during fights, in my nough it NEVER drops below 125.(Energy syphon+leech, at setting of 85 base)

All the gear is the same(just moved everything to the new ship) And all boff's are the same(just swapped 2 of them around but same 2 boffs as before) and no skills have been changed on my toon, not did I/do I have any 'critical' doff mission effects active.

I feel the nough is still suffering, indirectly, from its old hull value of 16000, and the game is healing the amount it would have if a lower hull(or worse, which is quite possible seeing as ive noticed 'same' damage values take much larger chunks of hull than they did on my b'rel) that the 'updated' hull value is infact a display bug, and we still Have the OLD fleet nough base hp values. (Shield is higher, tested that and its more, if only slightly, than I ha don my b'rel)

Please if anyone else has experienced this or a similar issue with the new 'updated' fleet nough, add to this thread and maybe get the attention of the devs.

Just checked ingame, aux was standing at 125 at all times on nough, heal values were exactly 448/597 for HE I/II per tic. Something is defiantly off here.

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Join Date: Sep 2012
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02-15-2013, 09:08 PM
Well I assume this issue is one the dev's are ignoring or rather not face, teh 3 tickets ive sent in were up(listed) for an hour so then disappear with no msg as to why.

Since they are just deleting the tickets rather than read them, i shall just assume this is 'not an issue' they want to deal with.

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