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# 1 Rep System not giving rewards
02-16-2013, 04:53 AM
The following has been happening a lot to me, and two others I know of and warrants mentioning:

1.) Rep system rewards (Rom/ Omega): Tier V: after running the upgrade project, there is no accolade, no marks or dilithium rewarded.

2.) Ran KDF Federation Minefield last night - no rewards at all. Thought perhaps at the time it was a daily, so left it as I had run it 25 mins before.

3.) But, then my suspicions were aroused when: I ran a nearly perfect Mine Trap and go no rewards either. Include RM.

4.) Last night: Azure Nebula - Tholian NPC groups did not re-spawn.

5.) Bridge officer's that cannot be equipped. I know you mentioned that this was being investigated. Thanks. Just needed to mention that leaving the map does not solve the issue.

Thanks, and happy coding!


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