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# 1 The ambassador Mission
02-15-2013, 05:22 AM
That Bloody Ambassador mission is the bane of my STO experience its bugging all my ground and space skills and has broken the game for quite a bit f people please get rid of it so the bugs can be gone. I complete it and it keeps comming back as active i hate it!!!!!
I cannot use hypo sprays because of it and my ground skills are completely broken.
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I can't post new threads yet and this seemed the most relevant extant one. The 3rd Anniversary Event was extended 4 days, yet the quest to get the anniversary starships is no longer accessible. Can someone at Cryptic please re-activate accessibility to the anniversary mission for level 5 characters? Thank you.

Also, a suggestion ... Perhaps you could put up a login message about the bridge officer workarounds. I'm seeing constant queries in chat about boff assignment. The workarounds (bridge & pve mission, eg Starbase 24) seem to work for most everybody so the bug does not appear to be a crisis and player ire would be ameliorated with easier access to available solutions.

Hats off to you for a great game! I'm switching my sub from lotro as soon as my new game card comes by mail.


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