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02-20-2013, 09:31 AM
the sad sad truth is that they are in this to take money from players wallets and put it into their pockets.

which means they care more about lock boxes and cstore crap than they do about fixing bugs and developing game play.

if they can't see a return on investment for their time/energy, they most likely wont do it. so why fix a few bugs that don't impact their money making ability when they can focus dev resources on coming up with more cstore/lock box crap.

I guarantee if they have a bug pop up that stonewalls them from selling box keys or cstore ships they will implement emergency maintenance to fix it. but other issues that would be emergency fixes for any good quality game get shelved for 'normal maintenance' or scrapped all together.

I wish cryptic would have been bought by activision instead of PWE. At least then we'd probably have a good quality MMO, instead of the cashgrab game we have now
"We are the Perfect World. Life as you know it is over. We will add your monetary distinctiveness to our own. Your player base will adapt to service us. Resistance is Futile."

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