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02-16-2013, 01:04 AM
Originally Posted by krypter3 View Post
WOW is all I can say. Had my first go at a war zone today and long story short I ended up going toe to toe with a Hegh'ta [...]

[...] Boy was I wrong, shield buffs did nothing and he capped me within seconds.

Then I though I'd try again seems there were to other sovvies with me. By this time there was a second Hegh'ta. I thought why not, three Assault Cruisers and a tonne of borg. These two klingon ships just destroyed all three of us, even as we fired on them and the borg fired on both of us they won.

Point of this story, why it god's name are Klingon ships so OP'd. From my brief forays into this forum I know there's quite a bit of animosity between Klingon lovers and Fed lovers but as someone who's never been involved in that.
Sorry to say, but KLlingon ships are not OP, infact, the Hegh'ta is a quite weak ship. The player only know which abilities to use.

PvE in STO is just so easy from 1 to 50 that you even can completely run it with a totally gimped build and do not reconginze it.
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02-16-2013, 01:05 AM
It looks like you have not been playing very long, have you? Even all your gears are but peanuts, even by STF standards, let alone PvP.
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02-16-2013, 01:05 AM
First off, I am hardly am armchair expert on ship builds. I am essentially a raptor pilot. Although I've flown carriers, cruisers, BOPs, etc, I prefer raptors. I have mostly flown a Fleet Qin/Mirror Qin Heavy Raptor.

I don't know exactly what your ship can fit, but as far as I know, I've learned that having different types of weapons on your ship is generally not a great idea for maximizing your DPS and having an efficient weapon setup. When you get new ships they come with stuff like beam banks, a cannon, maybe a dual cannon, and people think that's normal and okay. What you actually want to do is stuff it full of the weapon type you're going for. Some people will throw beams onto their ship + a torpedo launcher or two (depending on what ship they're flying).

For an escort/destroyer/Raptor like a Qin, generally you want 3 DHC (dual heavy cannon) up front + either a torp launcher or a fourth DHC, 3 turrets in back (or 2 turrets + 1 torp launcher if there's no torp launcher up front). The setup varies depending on who is piloting, and some people like having a torp in back so they keep their fore weapons all DHC and heavy firepower. Personally I prefer 3DHC 1torp 3 turrets.

Anyways I hope what I said makes sense, because looking at your fit, no offense, but you have a bad fit. Some of your stuff is mk X, some of it is rare, some uncommon, and some is even MK VII. You honestly shouldn't need to wonder why 3 of you guys lost to 2 KDF. Most likely they had proper fits, better equipment (quite probably mk XII very rare), and proper boff layouts. You're not a terrible person, but your fit is absolutely terrible (again, no offense, I'm trying to help you out and I'm not attacking you personally).

You have a beam array and beam banks. You've already limited your DPS by not keeping 3x of the same higher DPS beams. I'm not sure about your aft: since I keep turrets on my aft weapons so they actually fire whenever I use my weapons (as opposed to other weapons that I'd have to turn my back on someone to use, which I don't like to base my strategy on because I don't think that's a great idea, although builds that have a torp launcher on back aren't bad), you have 2 different kinds of torpedoes on back, making 3 different torpedo types. For your tac consoles, you have a worthless beam console. Instead of using a Tachyon weapon console, you used a low % beam. You have a quantum torpedo console that won't affect the 2 other torpedo types you chose to fit. Your tactical console choices obviously severely limit your DPS, not to mention the actual weapon choices ^

Someone already pointed out that Tetryon isn't recommended for PVP. Take a look at weapon types that were mentioned: Antiproton, Disruptor, and even Polaron.

TL;DR - you lost because your fit is terrible
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02-16-2013, 01:13 AM
Originally Posted by krypter3 View Post

It wasn't like he used anything crazy, I was extra power to my tetryon beams (I run them to take down shields and then torpedo the crap out of seems to work very well in PVE) along with my heavy Antiproton turret and scorpion fighters I thought I'd be fine. I didn't so much as make a single dent in his shields, not once did they go down from blue.
Um.. I realize this comes as a shock to most. It certainly did to me when I had to face it! I think your gear, build and playstyle may not be as good as you think. PvP brings out all a player's weaknesses, often in as brutal a way as possible. Don't give up or assume you simply can't rise to the challenge. If you work at it and put in the time and effort you will see both your PvE and PvP performances improve dramatically.

Can you list what Boff powers you're using and how you use them? My own Engi Assault Cruiser Retrofit keeps EPtS:3 up at all times for example, among other things.

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02-16-2013, 01:20 AM
Your gear was crap, and you went up against an escort with a pve playstyle and tactics and wonder why you got smoked?

Get yourself some very rare mk XI arrays with acc x2 on them or you wont hit an escort enough to worry about dmging them let alone killing them. If possible get Acc x3. A mk 12 very rare acc x 3 array would cost you a small fortune so go with x2 gear with a crith or critd mod.

Atleast get a decent shield like a Aegis shield or Reman Mk XI. Engines are prolly best left to being Combat engines unless you run high eng power, aka power over 55.

Id have to see your whole ship layout to tell you whats wrong with your boffs, but your weapons are bad. I can run a stock ship through elite STFs using common mk 8 gear and out dmg people with no consoles.

But i wouldnt take that junk into pvp. I wouldnt last 5 sec with that gear. Klink ships arent OP its their captains that are OP cause they have tons of pvp experiance and you obviously didnt.

When i used my reg sov i used to go into warzones and tank 5 klink players for minutes on end. Sov is a beast of a ship with right gear and setup. But dont expect to win 5 on 1, and 2 escorts vs 3 cruisers, the escorts have the advantage fyi. Escort has about 2-3x the dps power of a cruiser so they had you "out numbered".

Learn some tactics, get better gear, work your bugs out of your build and boffs, try again.
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Originally Posted by krypter3 View Post
Neh I'll stick to PVE fleet actions and what not until I find myself a fleet to call home.
Everyone dies in PVP. Everyone. There's someone that could do to that BoP what they did to you. If I were you I'd just not stress about it. Play PVP some more, get used to it, make adjustments to your gear, setup and strategies. It just takes time and effort is all. You didn't do anything wrong. And really, the gear difference in this game gets overblown on the forums. Big time.

People are saying that your gear is what's getting you killed. But let's compare your beam arrays.

You currently equip an uncommon Tetryon Beam Array that is Mk XI. That does 201 damage per volley. 168 Damage Per Second. A Mk XII would do 220 and 176. It's not that big a difference when you compare gear upgrades in other MMOs.

Your shield's ok. Your ship's ok. You will face experienced PVPers in gear that is better than yours. But War Zones are about teamwork. You can survive, and thrive.

Work on getting your gear improved, but don't feel like that is what's causing you to die like you did. That's just you being new. You get better as you do it more.

When you're being targeted for an alpha strike, you have to use your BOFF and Captain Powers. Did you use Brace for Impact? Are you an engineer? Miracle Worker? Stuff like that.

Shield tanking requires support powers and can even then crumble beneath a properly done alpha strike. Suck it up, and get back in the battle. Because the thing about the alpha strike is, once they do that, they pretty much are very vulnerable.

Anyways, I think you're just new to PVP. After spending the 50 levels of PVE not being in much danger of ever dying, it's a brand new experience to get popped fast in PVP. It happens. It's no big deal. Your gear can certainly be improved, but it's not so terrible that you need to avoid PVP completely.
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02-16-2013, 01:24 AM
Its not the dmg on his array that got him killed its the lack of mods. A uncommon single mod weapon doesnt compare to a VR acc x2-3. In pve no problem in pvp try hitting escorts with no acc.
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02-16-2013, 01:29 AM
It is not your gear quality. It matters but not as much as people here are implying.

The boff abilities that you use, and the order and timing that you use them, is what determines a good or bad build.
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02-16-2013, 01:33 AM
I know I am bad in PvP. That is why I don't play it very often. But when I do play it, I go in with only the mentality that "I will fight to the best of my ability but, I will still die." I am fine with this. That is why in one match, I was happy that I kill a Klink that was giving me a hard time. I killed him once.......he got me three or four times.

If you are not a big PvP player, NEVER go into a PvP match or warzone thinking you will beat anything. If you want to learn PvP, find a fleet with a strong PvP community. Sadly, my fleet does not have one (since I don't PvP, I don't mind this too much but, I would like find a PvP leader/organizer to join).
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The bad thing is the Heghta isn't what you really need to worry about in Kerrat, its the Fleet Hoh'sus, the Heghta on steroids basically. I am sorry to say it but my Hoh'sus will often 1 or 2 shot that build you have upon decloaking.

To even have a chance in kerrat you always need to be prepared for ambush by cloaked ships at all times. You need to have emergency power to shields and tactical team up at all times, or are asking to be ambushed. This is done by running 2 copies of tac team1, and 2 copies of EPTS. You can read more about cruiser builds in pvp forum section at the stickies.

You also need better gear to have a chance, MACO shields from rep system is good, and the deflector and engines need to be better also, MACO, Omega, Fleet gear, or very rare stuff from exchange. Consoles should be at least mk XI rare too. It might seem expensive at first so you may want to switch to an escort for awhile to make it easier to farm and do elite stfs as they can get by better with mediocre gear. Mirror patrol escort is cheap off of exchange.

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