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# 1 Galaxy Retrofit needs love
02-16-2013, 08:27 AM
I want to say I truly love this game. I get to live out Star Trek adventures of my own and that is just a fantastic thing. Great job all around Cryptic. I have been playing ever since the game went free to play and STO and Champions Online are the only MMO's I play anymore.
Now, I am never in a rush to get to endgame and do not obsess every play session about getting loot and rewards, but I have arrived at the endgame point and am in the process of fine tuning my ships and reaching out for that epic gear. I bought a Galaxy Retrofit not long after I capped and take it out to play with it now and again, as I have four ships that I switch around and play. As I have played enough with it and others now to give reasonable feedback, I want to throw my two cents in on the subject. The Galaxy does not deserve to perform as poorly as it does.
I don't like to whine or complain, but I feel that folks upset over the Galaxy as it is represented in the game are justifiably upset. This ship is iconic. It is the ship we watched and loved as Star Trek was brought back to us in TNG. It is something I bought when I usually am content with playing free. I do not think I was crazy to think it would perform at least on par with other 'paid' ships.
By no means am I advocating making it a total powerhouse to wipe the floor with all other cruisers and do not want to upset the balance of the game, but I do feel it would be possible for the developers to take a good look at the Galaxy, realize that it is severely lacking when compared to it's brothers-in-arms, and give it a performance upgrade. What should that be? There have been some wonderful and 'balanced' suggestions made in various threads to how this could be accomplished, without hurting any other players or their experience. I am confident that if the effort were spent, the team at Cryptic could find a solution most folks would be satisfied with.
In short, I beg the development team to take a look at this issue, realize what the community that bought this ship are asking for is for it to be fairly represented. Not above and beyond, just tweak it to get it on the same level as similar ships. Please sign or respond if you agree and let's try to get this a bit of attention from the STO crew.

*Reprinted from a previous post as I didn't know the thread I replied to was considered closed*

"besides sto, it seems you love to resurrect long dead threads."

STO forums are the only place I post. And that only recently. What other long dead threads have I resurrected? I don't know if I would consider just over a month 'long dead', but I will gladly leave them alone now that I know.
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# 2
02-16-2013, 08:50 AM
i agree completely the gal and gal-x and are in major need of love especially after the dred go nerfed to near-death. neither ship performs nearly as good as they should
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# 3
02-16-2013, 09:17 AM
You should set aside your love of flying the Galaxy and move on to the new Flagship, the Odyssey.

The Galaxy, when I started playing this game was only usable at the Captain rank, and when you hit admiral you moved on to the assault cruiser or the star cruiser. That it even exists at T5 is a concession to the fans who "loved" the iconic ships. It's time to move beyond those and into 25th century ships. As long as the T5 galaxies are better than the T4, things are fine with the Galaxy.
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# 4
02-16-2013, 09:20 AM
first, there is atleast 1 currently active threads about this ship...

second the thread you posted in, was dead for A YEAR and a month...

on topic: I'm pretty sure the setup of this iconic ship will remain as it is, sad but the fact. No rework in sight.
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# 5
02-16-2013, 09:26 AM
I think it would be a tremendous mistake for Cryptic to allow iconic designs to fade out of the picture. Progress is fine but this is still a game for an IP that people really like and quite frankly, many of the in house designs simply don't hold up (in my opinion). My apologies to the Oddy designer but it is an awful mess and I do realize folks say the same about the Galaxy.

I hope they will keep releasing upgrades in various was to keep the iconic designs viable indefinitely. It is a bit unfortunate that I can't use my Galaxy skin as a costume on other Cruiser builds but I realize that is a bit out there.
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# 6
02-16-2013, 09:35 AM
Hopefully, with enough public outcry, the Galaxy Class would get some love... eventually... still hoping...
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# 7
02-16-2013, 10:22 AM
Personally I think the Fleet Exploration Cruiser Retrofit stacks up fairly well against the Odyssey Operations Cruiser. The only thing I'd like to see if some kind of unique Galaxy and Galaxy X only console to represent how tried and tested the design is, given all that the Enterprise-D went through before it eventually ate dirt, you'd think that could be represented with a console reducing engineering ability cool-downs, or maybe even providing a recharge rate "bleedthrough" when firing weapons (so it would be possible to recharge a small amount of power while sustaining fire).

Nothing too excessive but just bring it up to the same level in a unique way.

I'd also like to see a Fleet Dreadnought Cruiser Retrofit, but unlike other fleet variants I'd like to see it gain a slightly more unique improvement. For example a fifth aft weapon slot instead of an extra console slot.

For both of them I'd love to see a new Fleet variant that takes some cues from the Imperial class Assault Cruiser, such as the ablative armour panelling. I mean, I'd like to see this on all fleet ship variants personally, to better represent the bonuses to hull and shields from built-in armour and/or unique shield emitter configurations.
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# 8
02-16-2013, 10:45 AM
I agree wholeheartedly, the Galaxy-Retrofit sucks. The model is meh, the abilities are sub-par with other T5 and even T4 cruisers*, and there are pretty much no advantages to buying the ship, other than that fact that it's 500 zen cheaper than the Ops Odyssey.

*This is a significant issue - although Sovereign class T4 ships should outperform Galaxy class ships, the fact that the Excelsior is still kicking butt over a 70-year-newer ship is ridiculous. If any ship should be nerfed, it should be the 140 year old Excelsior.

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# 9
02-16-2013, 10:46 AM
"You should set aside your love of flying the Galaxy and move on to the new Flagship, the Odyssey."

Let's strive to keep it positive please and remember what our mothers told us about manners and "if you don't have anything nice to say..." I'm not trying to impose how I play upon you, please return this courtesy.

I have/fly/love Odyssey, but why on Earth would I set aside my love of flying the Galaxy? Particularly a 'T5' ship that I paid money for? I do not see how it would harm anyone's gaming experience to have the Gal perform to the standard of any other T5 ship. I like the Ambassador as well, having a blast with it. This ship was given to me free (THANK YOU Team STO! Awesome!) and will fly circles around and outgun the ship I actually bought? Something amiss here. I am simply asking for the Galaxy to get a balance pass. Lots of Captains share my sentiments and I wanted to contribute my voice to the topic. Squeaky wheels get the grease they say.
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# 10
02-16-2013, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
first, there is atleast 1 currently active threads about this ship...

second the thread you posted in, was dead for A YEAR and a month...

on topic: I'm pretty sure the setup of this iconic ship will remain as it is, sad but the fact. No rework in sight.
Source please, I'm curious to know where you are getting this information that makes you so sure there's no rework in sight.

As for the thread, I would love to see the Galaxy get a second look by the devs. I'd be happy if it was brought up to par with the Ambassador.

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