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Well, I just fought against Armak of borg. And we lost, of course. Because he's FRICKEN UNBEATABLE! So I ask my fleet what's up with this guy and I hear he just got a huge buff because of a general borg bonus given to all borg. Who's the damn idiot who decided to give all the borg a buff without thinking it through enough to know about this encounter?

So get this. You either have to have a certin class ith a certin kit to fight him, or you have to have 2 snipers. One standing on the far north and south and they take turns sniping him while everyone else stands outside the combat box and rez's them thru the shield. That's the kind of content you want in STO? The hell is that?

You know, I'm a refugee here from CoH, and we never had anything that stupid in game. Dev's get on this and reverse the buff at least on this asshat boss. And a apology for doing something so stupid might not hurt either.

I expect more from you. In a market ran by overwhelmingly ****ty companies it's time for one to stand up. Cryptic, if it's not going to be you then it'll be someone else. You got thrown a bone by the idiotic closing of CoH. Time to step up.
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02-16-2013, 02:50 PM
He is far from "Unbeatable", he is quite easy to kill actually. You just have to know what you're doing, which since the Reputation update there are more inexperienced players doing Elite content which can make some of the stf's quite... difficult to do.

The best way to take out Armok is to do a combination of what you said to do, have a person tank all the Agro(Science with Medic Kit works best imo), and then have the other 4 members all target him from the corners of the shield. If done correctly he'll die in less then a min.

You just need to practice and find a dedicated group to run them with because you should never Pug any of the stf's, you can if you want to, but generally its a bad idea.
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02-16-2013, 04:51 PM
My friend if your willing to join on TeamSpeak I will train you in the ways of Borg Hunting.

PM me if your interested and expected to get optionals watch Armek go down very quick.

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