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first of all - Is it not my intention to start another "why is the investiage officer reports mission removed"-thread - so please leave that out of here.

Instead I would like to make a proposal to setup a new reward for fleet marks for any (or allmost any) mission depending on the team.

The idea is that if some players do a mission together as a team they get fleet marks as an additional reward. But it is not only the number of teammembers that count for the reward but also the fleets to which the players belong.

For example:
5 players do a Featured Episode together. the players A, B and C belong to the same fleet "X", player D belongs to another fleet "Y" and player E does not belong to any fleet. The players A and E are friends, and the players B and C are friends.

In this case the fleet mark reward would be calculated like this:

- each player gets 10 fleet marks for playing in a team (number of teammembers * 2)
- the 3 players A, B and C which belong to the same fleet "X" gets 6 fleetmarks each (number of fleet members * 2)
- the players A and E get 1 fleet mark because they are friends (number of friends * 1)
- because the players B and C belong to the same fleet they don't get any fleetmarks for being friends.

in total the players would get:
A = 17 fleet marks
B = 16 fleet marks
C = 16 fleet marks
D = 10 fleet marks
E = 11 fleet marks

This system could also be applied to STFs, Fleet Actions, pretty much any mission in the game - espeacially those which are designed for teamplay anyway. It would allow players to earn fleetmarks with their normal activities - without having to choose based on the rewards and needs.

these numbers seems to be very low - but the idea is to apply that system to any (or allmost) any mission in the game - so over time people would get a nice amount of fleet marks this way.

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02-17-2013, 08:02 AM
Isn't playing with fleet-mates and/or friends already an advantage, because you can build the team around the mission.

For example, I've played No Win Scenario a ton of times without building a team for it, and have always struggled to get past wave five or six because random teams pretty much never include anyway that's any good at (or willing to) heal. My own build has a mix of friend abilities that I do try to use on the freighter, but it's rarely enough unless a couple of other ships are doing the same, or a single ship that's built for the role is doing it.

So while it's an interesting idea, I'm not sure what it's really rewarding, as currently just joining the public queues is a gamble every time. STF's like Cure Found (space elite) for example demonstrate this significantly as my ratio of wins to losses on that mission is pathetic unless I join with a team of people that know what they're doing. So in this case playing with a team means I actually get a reward in the first place, while joining without a team means I risk the mission being failed and getting nothing but a handful of expertise for the trouble, regardless of how well I performed individually.
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02-17-2013, 08:28 AM
Isn't playing with fleet-mates and/or friends already an advantage, because you can build the team around the mission.
indeed - but thats is not the point I adress.

One problem in the game is that at the moment people have to choose which mission they do based on which currency (omega marks, romulan marks, dilithium, fleet marks ...) they need. But that has nothing to do with whom people do that missions - even fleet actions like starbase defense can be done by pugs and have the same reward depending on the success - not the team of the mission.

To cut it short - my idea is to reward people playing with teammates with a small amount of fleet marks which adds up over time - not matter which mission they do, so that they don't have to choose between different currencies all the time.
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02-17-2013, 09:14 AM
I think it's a good idea but maybe it should be just the basic 10 for if you joined the queue as part of a team. This way it rewards people teaming up and lets them slowly amass fleet marks by doing thier own thing.

Still I think the main issue is that fleet marks are terribly painful to grind and generally the missions that do reward them don't reward enough marks to make you want to do them outside the bonus event. Even during the bonus event it's not exactly fun repeating the same missions over and over for 2 hours.

So yes, add a small amount of them to all PvE events, increase the amount given by the specific missions and have PvP matches where the winners get 50 fleet marks each for winning and the losers get something like a hat with a D on their heads for 10 mins.
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02-17-2013, 03:41 PM
I like this idea a lot.

I'd proposed something similar in the "Update on Fleet Marks and Dilithium" mega-thread started by dastahl. My idea didn't include any extra FMs for playing with friends (good idea!), but I went with a higher FMs reward scheme that starts at +5 and can go as high as +20.

I really hope the devs do something like this.

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