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So before I took a long break from STO, I had bought an Aegis Shield. I ran it with the Borg Engines and Deflector both MK XI.

Now as time has passed I am hearing that it isn't all that good. I have been still running it through ESTFs pretty well, but I feel like I could get some more survivability out of maybe a different shield.

So I have a few questions regarding that. Should I get the Borg Shield MK XI when I am able to? Or should I grab a MACO or Omega shield once I am able to?

I am not sure which was most recommended out of those 2 (MACO/Omega) so if anyone has any suggestions, please tell me.

I'm a Tac. in an Excelsior if that info is needed, but I am just looking for some quick help and tips on this.

Thanks in advance!
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02-22-2013, 05:46 AM
All other "end game" shields are better, if you are asking about that...
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02-22-2013, 05:57 AM
MACO - highest shield capacity so might be best choice for a sturdy ship like the Excelsior. 5% absorption, 10% vs. all energy and 20% vs. Plasma (and sometimes a neglegible power bonus) = very good in eSTFs.
Adapted MACO - a bit less capacity but the placate effect and the debuff on Acc make it an interesting contender especially for ships with a high defense value and a low shield modifier.
Assimilated Borg - lowest shield capacity of the three and less resistances but the highest regeneration rate and a possible set bonus as well - could work out.

I personally prefer flying the Assimilated Deflector and Engine, combined with the MACO shield.

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