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# 1 Hangar Pet AI
02-17-2013, 03:11 AM
The last patch was suppose to make pets use their forward firing weapons more often. After doing some parses, it seems like the change has done nothing but alter the flight path the pets take. The majority of the energy damage is still from the turret, and after watching them, they never seem to point toward a target enough after the initial attack run from the carrier to target to use the cannons again, and sometimes won't even point toward it enough for torpedoes.

As a suggestion for a possible fix, one that might be easier to implement...change the cannon and torpedo firing arc to 180 degrees. It would likely solve the issue (obviously, it could be tested to make sure) and it would hardly be OP. Pets are so fragile as it is, them being able to fire another second or 2 won't make or break anything, and might help carriers out.

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