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Intended as a question to the community: do You experience minor interface bugs in Ground Combat?

For example, a fleetmate alternates between two bugs on his characters: either the char spontaneously places a Cover Shield by activating different abilities - or he uses the tertiary melee attack of his weapon all of a sudden instead. Both hampers movement quite a bit as You may imagine - and can cause problems.

I for one very often experience a change of target when changing weapons - targetting an ally or an allied pet. Which also changes the facing of my character as I usually use the aiming mode when firing - and exposes the flank or back of my char towards enemy attacks.

We are both not using any ground keybinds and did triple-check for any bound key commands that are out of kilter.

Apart from that, there's the (known) bug where a mapchange/login can cause Ground Set abilities (Internal Frequency Remodulator and the Set-specific ability) to switch places in the shortcut bar.

Anyone else experiencing something similar?

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