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Did you ever, in your mind, actively purse a friendship or a intimate relationship with any of your bridge crew for your captain character in STO?

or are you one of those people who tends to stick with the strict non-fraternization rules for the captain?

The reason why I'm asking this is because for a while I've been kind of writing stories based on my Bridge crew, and also my captain's interactions with them.

I then did Daz Studio renders of some of those scenes, such as the scene where my Captain fell on top of her number one during an accident, and somebody walks in on them like that. and when I showed my friend, he commented it kinda looked like they were in a lesbian relationship.

That got me to thinking... My captain is a female Vulcan, and so is her Number one. I've been playing around with the idea of having them be in a relationship, but I don't know...

The relationship they have is mostly close, having forged it under less than ideal circumstances (the loss of many lives, war, etc). her number one, T'empi, often acts as an advisor to her Captain T'ania most of the time as seeing she is far more older and experienced than her Captain. In many ways, The Number one by all rights should had been the captain instead of T'ania but She got the ship for various reasons, despite the fact that She was but a cadet straight out of Starfleet Academy.

Being Vulcan, T'ania would certainly never admit to feeling insecure in her role as captain, and even feels that T'empi should had the role over her because of it being more logical or something. There's also the fact that She's kind of short for a Vulcan... 5'3.... which makes her seem younger than she really is... which often leads to people not taking her seriously as an Captain.

So T'empi often leads her support, believing in T'ania's abilities as a Captain.

Having them become intimate in that way would certainly be interesting, and add another facet to their relationship.

but I can't help but worry about what regulations would have to say about this, you know? plus, there's also the chance that any interactions I write about them might just end up being straight up Vulcan porn, and I want it to be more than just Vulcan porn.

hmmm... what do you think?
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02-09-2013, 01:53 AM
One of my characters has a great deal of (mutual) unresolved attraction/chemistry/tension with his Andorian XO. Neither of them has ever acted on it, despite a lot of the close calls that writers love teasing fans with. The matter is further complicated by her being part of a married quartet back on the homeworld.

I should also mention my Gorn freighter captain. Back when he was in the Gorn Space Navy, he had a star-crossed relationship of his own with a female in the Intelligence branch; it never went anywhere, in large part due to the whole "two different worlds" thing. Now that he's "retired" (ie, secretly working for the Resistance), someone thought it would be amusing to make her his liaison / "handler." She's not under his command - if anything, it's the other way around - but she is represented in-game by a bridge officer (Science), so I'll mention it here. Their scenes together tend to have a lot of reminiscence and regret over "what might have been", and the occasional tentative gesture toward (re)kindling... something.
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02-09-2013, 02:05 AM
My Alien (Cardassian) is married to his Operations Officer (Alien Cardassian). Other than that, all of my captains have only professional relationships with their crews. However, my KDF Science officer (Ferasan) has a history with my Fed Science officer (Caitian).

Ch'ula was raised in a colony in the Hromi Sector. Child to farmers, she always had an interest in health and science, a far departure from her species' natural instincts that made them excel in the tactical fields. She may have prefered science but, she was an avid hunter as well. She met Captain Kurr while he was on rotation to the colony. A Caitian in the service of the Federation, she was warned to stay away from him. Their common passion for science however drew them together. She bacame an understudy to Captain Kurr. She learned very quickly and after a couple of years working together, Captain Kurr began pushing her to join Starfleet. Considering that as an option to further her studies in science, she reluctantly agreed. Ch'ula was surprised to find that she had been accepted into the accademy. She would begin her studies in just three short months. Two weeks after her acceptance, Captain Kurr was reasigned as Captain of the USS Takao. The rest of the Starfleet contingent was pulled due to escalations of Klingon attacks on transport lanes. This did not deter her from her goals. Ch'ula was determined to try and find a way to work with her mentor someday. Five weeks til her departure, tragedy struck. The Borg attacked the colony. Many were assimilated. The lucky ones were killed, including her parents. Ch'ula and a small group survived the attack. Feeling abandoned by Captain Kurr and the Federation, she made her way to her people's homeworld of Ferasa. There she joined the Ferasan military hoping to one day exact revenge on those that she felt wronged her. When Ferasa allied with the Klingon Empire, Ch'ula immideately transfered to the Klingon Defense Force. Now in command of her own ship, she searches the stars for any chance to strike at Kurr and the Federation. To bring vengance upon her mentor turned nemesis.
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02-09-2013, 02:06 AM
They do what their told or I erase them. >=3
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02-09-2013, 07:17 AM
Personally, I like the idea of social "tension" - the kind between Riker and Troi or T'something and Archer (if I recall that right). But I'm a fan of regulations so the bridge crew would *not* have personal relationships.

I'm not saying you shouldn't explore that further. And your writing doesn't have to be "porn". They could be sitting having a meal when the conversation turns a little flirty (if Vulcans do that), then they "retire" after the meal. Or maybe they wake up after a passionate evening (if Vulcans have that) and get to work.

So, the fiction can be overtly suggestive without being graphic - if you would want their professional relationship to become personal. Otherwise, the tension alone can make great interactions I think.

Good luck!

OH - have you considered joining the Literary Challenges? I'd be interested to see your take on the topic
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02-09-2013, 07:20 AM
They're a combo of meat shield and dress up dolls for me.
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02-09-2013, 07:54 AM
I don't RP but I do get sentimental with my Boffs and I treat them as I would a party in an RPG or something.

Because they stay with me permanently I would buy blue Doffs off the exchange at the beginning of a character once I have the ec. I would also plan their abilities ahead so I need to do as I level is add skill points and promote them, as if they are naturally gaining experience as they work with me I suppose.

A Boff is for life, not just for Christmas
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02-09-2013, 08:57 AM
They talk entirely too much.

At the most inappropriate times.

I want a "Silence BO" option added to the game options menu.
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02-09-2013, 09:00 AM
I admit it. I have a bunny crew and a bunny away team.

Though the crew are all female Saurians because I wanted the efficient trait. I try not to look at their faces.
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02-09-2013, 09:05 AM
As a Vice Admiral, my character doesn't have much time for developing more complex relationships with the main bridge crew since she's constantly busy coordinating fleet operations. Only few of the bridge crew have remained with her over the course of 3 years so far, while others have been lost in the line of duty or reassigned.

She maintains a steady friendship with everyone she works with, even having the entire bridge crew dine together once a week to help keep that friendship strong through this time of war.

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