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Hey everyone,

First things first, thank you for taking the time to view at this thread. I would like to introduce myself.

I am John Sheppard@WyattRO in-game. I am the leader of The Terran Legion. Our fleet has technically existed for a while and we believe now is the time to grow our tight-knit family and welcome new members aboard our ranks.

The Terran Legion

History & Lore

The Terran Legion was known as The Dark Legion in the mirror universe. The Terran Legion Fleet leader and his companions saw how much damage the Terran Empire were doing to all the other parallel universes and decided it was time for a change. Things didn't go as easy as one would think though. The Terran Legion Fleet Leader had to leave someone in charge of The Dark Legion for those that decided to stay behind. He cut all ties with the mirror universe (his home) and decided to venture with his crew and his ship Destiny to a new land. A universe that may welcome them with open arms.

The Terran Legion spoke with Starfleet command about their purpose for being here. Although Starfleet has decided to keep that information classified, some speculate that The Terran Legion come from a distant timeline in the future and that they're here to ensure Starfleet succeeds in a very important event in time. But do the Terran Legion have other plans? Only time will tell. One thing for sure, they want to expand in numbers and grow to be one of the most respected fleets in Starfleet history.

Will you join them?


We're accepting applications to join our fleet in our forum at www.thedarklegion.org where you can find our rules for our fleet and such.

See you in game!

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12-04-2013, 08:32 PM
hello every one,

I am Jack Shadow@nexuruler here in the Terran legion and I have known John Sheppard for many years in another online game and I am proud to be apart of his fleet once again despite my childish actions back then. as time passed and many years unfolded I grown up to be a wise and respected friend of John Sheppard. and I welcome each and every new member to the fleet. and I wish you the best of luck in game as well.

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