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My searches come up with complaints a year old, but not actual resolutions other than "team settings" which I find nothing about blocking these pop ups.

Never before playing EQ, EQ II, Vanguard, DCUO, etc have I had so many blind friend requests in a game ruining my immersion and just plain annoying. You don't know me, never spoke to me, yet you want to be my friend (or spam me)?

I thought I had it set up right as I didn't see them for a few days.

The devs here responsible for the UI need to streamline it.

Having to hunt down in multiple places for things is just stupid (map area, chat box area, options menu...). I would have expected the map to be better to, constantly scanning it trying to find NPCs and locations without a search function.
This is STAR TREK people, where you could ask the computer where X person is, or Y location is, yet I have to walk around looking for it while watching the map since the range seems limited. Not even having a permanent icon stay on the map once you find it is an oversight. You have permanent "fog of war" in stations.

btw why does the notification not work on these forums? I never am notified by email when a thread is responded to.
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02-18-2013, 03:12 PM
Open up social settings (The 3 man icon beside your mini map) Click on the last tab at the top then click on Privacy at the bottom right and you can edit those types of settings in there...
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02-18-2013, 03:36 PM
I know about that window.

The problem is nothing in there seems to stop it.

I had a blind friends request with having search visibility set to visible to friends only, allow only friends/fleet to chat to off, allow only friends and fleet to email to off (I don't mind if people want to email, tell, but don't shove these windows in my face, especially when I am trying to record), allow only friends and fleet to make team invites is on, allow only friends and fleet to tell is off, allow only friends and fleet to trade is on, allow only friends and fleet to issue challenges is on, allow fleet invitations is off.

So tell me what is wrong?

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