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I reached Tier IV on the Omega Reputaion System and choose the Omega Graviton Amplifier Passive attribute, but it doesn't show up in my passive skills list. My captain has allocatted points in all of the tactical, science and engineering skills. I would like to confirm that I have actually recieved this passive attribute. It shows that I have selected it when I go to the Omega Reputation screen. Can anyone tell me how I can confirm I have it?
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# 2 Update on my issue
02-19-2013, 03:03 PM
I went through my combat logs and discovered that indeed the Omega Gravitron Amplifier was being used. It just doesn't show up in my captain's list of passive attributes. By the way, it is supposed to have a 2.5% proc rate for directed energy weapons and a 5.0% proc rate for torpedos. During an Omega mission, it might be used ONCE ! This seems a little low. I know that the proc is based on probability, but I think that the rate I am seeing is way low.
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# 3 Omega Graviton Amplifier
03-18-2013, 10:25 AM
OGA is not captain based (technically), it is weapon based.

To answer your question - Open your char sheet, go to status (ship), right click a weapon on your ship, click info, you'll see it listed there.

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