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Currently the subsystem attacks only drain power or have a low chance of disabling the system (particularly shield which wont drop unless you use the III version of the ability).

I would like to have the following effects added as a 100% proc & effect during the debuff duration:

Engine: Loss of turn rate. Aka ship's turn rate is halved.
Shield: Shields cannot be balanced (except for tac team).
Aux: Aux-based ability timers +5sec cooldown.
Weapons: 25% loss of accuracy.

I'd also like to see more subsystem attacks.

Target EPS Relays: Drops all power levels by -10, removes power bonus from Emg2X and Aux to X and Battery powers.

Target Sensor Array: Removes target lock and creates 'static screen' view similar to when one is in a nebula.

Target Life Support: Ship's crew disabled; disables use of -Team abilities (tac/sci/eng)

Target Bridge: kicks target player out of the game and deletes their account. You're dead Jim... (seriously: Its a poor man's subnuke. It triggers all boff and capt timers into 5 second global cooldown).

Target Launch Bay: disables use of launchbays (carriers) & boarding parties (all ships).

Target Warp Core: reduces all power levels by -30. Disabling the system completely causes the warp core to be ejected which will reduce ALL power systems to 10 power.

Another feature that would be interesting is to add Directional/Vector targeting requirements.

For example, its rather dumb to knock out the engines when shooting a ship from directly ahead of it... one should only be able to hit them from a rear aspect.

Divide the ship into 'incoming fire arcs'. Four quadrants.

A system like engines should only be allowed to fire the attack if you are inside the rearmost 180 quadrants. Aka you can still shoot them from the left or right but only as long as your ship is behind the middle-line of the enemy ship.

Disabling a subsystem that is on the left side of a ship should only be allowed from the left 180 arc.

When a subsystem attack is triggered the game should overlay a swirling target reticle over the location of the subsystem and display the arc you can shoot the target ship from with the subsystem attack. The game does this now when you mouse over your weapons to see your why not have this applied to the enemy ship when you activate the attack?

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