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Video Demonstration ->

Since Season 7 launch the Mouse Over Option in the HUD Options window is broken.

Open OPTIONS > HUD, look at the Menu

It does not display any former saved Mouse Overs that are currently active
You can not deactivate or activate new Mouse Overs (you can click on it, but it will not save and it will change nothing)
It does simply not SAVE any Mouse Over settings at all.

it is the same for space and ground and affects the whole menu.

i tested it on Holodeck and on the latest Tribble build (video is from tribble just now)

If i press on Load UI and load a pre-Season 7 save my old Mouse Overs do work just fine, so the functionality itself is not affected, the Options UI itself is the problem, my only guess is that the drop down option is just pointing to something else.

If i "Reset to defaults" the default Mouse Overs are working just fine too, but are not displayed in the Options UI as active. Can not be disabled or changed either.


plz fix asap kthxbye
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02-19-2013, 10:11 AM

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