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02-18-2013, 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Multi-Vector Advanced Escort is almost identical except is has an ensign tac instead of an ensign engi.

Best Carrier: Kar'fi
Best Battlecruiser: Fleet Tor'Kaht
Best Raptor: Mirror Qin (not much choice here)
Best Raider: Fleet B'rel
Best Small Craft: Um... who cares?
Best Destroyer: Breen Chel'Gret (yes people, it's a destroyer, NOT a cruiser, NOT a battlecruiser)
Best Cruiser: Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit
Best Science Ship: Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel (even though when it comes to science ships, it's really users choice since each one does different things)
Best Escort: Jem'hadar Attack Ship
Best Escort Carrier: Fleet Armitage Heavy Escort Carrier
This would be my list as well.

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Best carriers
Vo'Quv. It's the first one, and it set the standard.

Best cruisers
The TOS Constitution. It looks perfect.

Best multi use
I don't know what this is, it's not an actual ship category.

Best science vessel
The Olympic. It's the most medical looking of all the science vessels.

Best escort
The Kumari, cause DUH.
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02-18-2013, 06:44 PM
Best small craft: Type 10 shuttle (I haven't tried the Peregrine or Yacht yet, though)

Best cruiser (healing): Ops Odyssey

Best cruiser (tanking): Fleet Excelsior-R or Fleet Sovereign-R

Worst, UP cruiser: T5 Galaxy class

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02-18-2013, 06:50 PM
Originally Posted by stardestroyer001 View Post
Worst, UP cruiser: T5 Galaxy class
I disagree. The T3 Cheyenne is far less powerful compared to the other T3 Cruisers. And even the T1 Centaur is a lot less awesome and less powerful than the TOS Constitution.
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Originally Posted by raslekx626 View Post
the temp destroyer dosent keep up with something like the fleet patrole escort its decent but not in the top not got the serviveability like the fleet patrole or the jem bug
The above is true only if the Mobius isn't outfitted with the full temporal warfare set and Tipler Cylinder. If armed with both, the Mobius gets two full skill-reset abilities that self-heal, slow opponents dramatically, and places opponent skills on global cooldown.

My fleet mates would routinely curse at me for hitting them with the Temporal Inversion Field, then 1-shotting them with a BO1 CBB + HYT3 TDD.
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02-19-2013, 09:33 AM
I'm using the FTER for an escort; seemed like the best after the JHAS, which I can't afford.
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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
I disagree. The T3 Cheyenne is far less powerful compared to the other T3 Cruisers. And even the T1 Centaur is a lot less awesome and less powerful than the TOS Constitution.
I was referring to a T5 vessel - after all, this thread is about "Best in class ships", and the first poster listed a bunch of high end vessels, all in the T5 range.

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Pure Feds:

Best Escorts: Steamrunner Retrofit, Fleet Tactical Escort, Fleet Advanced Escort
Best Cruisers: Fleet Excelsior, Fleet Assault Cruiser , Tactical Odyssey (+Set Bundle)
Best Science: Tactical Vesta, Fleet Nebula, Fleet Intrepid
Best Carrier: Fleet Escort Carrier , Armitage, Atrox

Escorts: Jem Hadar Escort Carrier,JemHadar Bug, Temporal Destroyer
Cruisers: Draw between Galor and DKora
Science: Wells temporal Science ship

Best Overall: Jem Hadar Escort Carrier

I havent played Klingons enough to give advice
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Best Escort:


Best Cruiser(pure tank):


Best CC Vessel:


Best Heal Boat:


Best Carrier:

Carriers suck, carrier pets easily killed by AoE spam in PvP and exploding ships in PvE

Best Escort Carrier:

See Above

Best PvE Team?

3x Kumari
1x pure tank/threat based Ody
1x Healer Vesta

Best PvP Team?

3x Kumari
1x CC Vesta
1x Healer Vesta

It's Kumari all the way down.
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i only play and specialize in 2 hangar carriers

if we are assuming a player relatively new and therefor has not maxed out any reputations, the carrier hierarhy is

jem'hadar dreadnought >= vo'quv > kar'fi

the jem'hadar dread has more offensive output than the vo'quv and better turning than both the vo'quv and the kar'fi due to it's 70 inertia. it has the highest hull of the 3 and about equal shielding wise.

the vo'quv has the most powerful carrier pets in the game, on equal footing to elite scorpions. it's console layout can allow for a beefy tank and having access to plasmonic leech means both hull and shield tanking are viable options for the default vo'quv. 9k dps is easy as either a full beam boat, a full turret boat or something in between. dhc are not recommended for if any situation requires yo uto move your dps will plummet substantially.

the kar'fi fails compared to the other two for a few reasons. firstly it's quite squishy, and it's boff layout is equally not set up for good defense. secondly the advanced fer'jei frigates seemed to have been ignored in the ai pass for carrier pets recently - i've gone entire kase without them using aceton beam even one time. their tricobalts were nerfed along with players so now they do less dmg per hit than the reqular quantums off the b'rotlh bop's on the vo'quv. their chronitons do about the same damage as the ferengi missile launcher and the frigates do not favor their forward arc, which means on average gettting about 20% of the dhc hits of the abops. from my parsing over several days, fer'jei frigates averate 1.7k dps. this is better than 12 peregrin or to'duj fighters, but a FAR cry from the 3.9k average dps of b'rotlh bop's.

when you add elite scorpions into the mix, everything changes. it then becomes jem'hadar dread > kar'fi >= vo'quv with the choice between the two being more offensive output at the risk of being instantly popped by invisitorps. the jem'hadar will outtank a vo'quv due to boff layout options, console layout options and substantially more hull, defense and manueverability. elite scorpions can parse on par with b'rotlh, but are can be harder to maintain since they arent easily visible on screen and the game doesnt replace the oldest pets with your newest ones, it replaces your newest ones with your newest ones. maintaining 12 in situations where warp core breaches are not fully wiping out a wing of 3 may not be possible.

from what i'm seeing in stf's, the JHAS carrier pet still needs work. i have a feeling that part of the problem with both it and the fer'jei is they simply have to many abilities and their ai is not prioritizing them properly.

if you are a fed, the jem'hadar dread is the best carrier if you dont have access to elite scorps. with elite scorps you might be able to make the atrox work, but again that's a very squishy ship. klingon side it's a no brainer right now - the vo'quv is where it's at for all pve content in the game.

i was bored to tears with escorts 3 years ago. i've dabbled in a few since i came back two weeks ago and i'm still bored with them and have no opinion other than i'm disappointed cryptic has not changed anything abouat the fact that escorts still have too much burst and too much survivability at the same time, and really saddened to see how they hosed legit cruiser tanking and science usefulness.

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