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02-19-2013, 10:39 AM
I absolute agree; Tricobalts are worthless now considering they're supposed to be super high yield weapons of immense damage capability that few Federation ships carry, and even fewer are willing to use except in extreme circumstances.

Obviously the full effect seen in the series would be ludicrous, but right now they just feel like bigger Quantum torpedoes that people can shoot down. They felt more like they should before, and the 60 second cool-down felt right for balance.

The problem was partly the way that kinetic damage is applied to shields when they're still up, as your shields should absorb around 10 times their hit-points in damage before any spills over onto your hull (other than bleedthrough) yet it didn't seem to work that way, somehow much more damage passed through than it should, and makes it exploitable.

If they can't change how kinetic damage goes through shields, then they need to at least tweak how dispersal patterns apply to tricobalt mines, as that's where the real problem lay. Either that or give NPCs some rudimentary behaviour for detecting threatening projectiles so that they use fire at will to try to clear them, or at least shoot down some of them before they impact and kill the NPC straight away.

I also agree that the cubes on Cure space shouldn't even be able to sustain damage while the nanite generators are still intact; just slap a 100% damage resist onto their shields until those probes are destroyed, or at least scale it with how many probes remain.
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02-19-2013, 11:11 AM
There was no reason for Tric Torpedos to be nerfed. There was no reason for mines to be nerfed either. The base damage and cool down for both weapons was reasonable for their purpose, large one shot spike damage with a destructible device that required precision and a bit of luck to connect with the targets.

The problem is the combinations of buffs which multiply damage while at the same time the numerous way of increasing crit chance and severity. Further, to make trics really work the captain must invest in very specific skills to increase the duration of the disable and damage. If tric were such a problem their interaction with some or many of those buffs at the multiplicative level should have been reduced or excluded. I know many players who are good at math who take great pride in figuring out the right combinations and activation orders for buffs so they can break things. It is those activations that should be reviewed.

As for statement about this being all about Fed Escort drivers, bull! And that sort of mentality is a waste of time and just serves to drive more wedges into the player base [NOT FAcTION BASE] that undermines the kind of player solidarity needed to deal with Cryptics biases and bad decision making.

My KDF characters were all affected much more heavily by this mess, especially my B'rel Refi pilot. That Bioneural I paid real money for doing 930 damage pissed me off. They say its all fixed now, and I haven't been back to test that to see if its true, but I am not seeing the 8k damage I should be seeing as of 2 days ago.

Fix the interactions that break things. Leave base damages alone. Keep yer stinkin' paws off the stuff I paid for. It's pretty simple.
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