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02-20-2013, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
adjust engineer captain abilities and science captain abilities
I have no problem with the effects of eng captain powers (although MW on a cruiser is rather laughable but I've been calling for percentage based heals for a while now and even explained it somewhere if anyone cares enough to find it, I think its in the "OMG nerf tacs" thread) and science needs a complete denerfing (starting by removing the movement debuff immunity from AP:O, otherwise that skill is fine and as stated a few posts back making AP:A and GDF only effective on weapon damage output) it will also however (as stated by cmdrskyfaller) a large change in the boosts given by skills in the captain skill table.

I think engineering need a wider range of boff skills as any more than 2 ensign engineers is a little too much to work with and all the high level eng boff skills (minus Aux2SIF3) are very situational in their effectiveness. But at the end of the day a lot of being effective does come from learning to play, a task I recently completed and now have 3 pretty effective builds (just need to tweak the tac/scort for maximum effectiveness and play with the sci a little and see if I can put together a more effective build there)
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Well the Andorian shippy has certainly upped the Ante. Been a big raspberry in the face of all the nerf-brigade. LOL

True the ship is offset by weak boffs and protection. Nevertheless in a skilled player that wont be a handicap the 5 forward gun slots/ tac consoles will wreak havoc. Unless players really know how to tool up their ships to the max there will be a lot of ragers out there soon. More than ever people will need to know how their ships work to counter the changes.

The thing is in a recent blog (can't remember which one) they said this is just the beginning. More ships will be coming with more weapon slots, possibly side on slots too.

Imagine a possible Rom faction in May. A D'deridex with 5 forward gun slots, a Scimitar with seven!? Sci oriented faction with big forward weapons and big shields. Oh myyyyyyyy! (Possibly offset with the fact they turn like house bricks and weak hulls.) Revamped Oddessy/ Galaxy with one or even 2 side slots limited to single beams/ cannon. WOW.

Get ready for a surprise! I can't wait!
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Originally Posted by rustiswordz View Post
All these nerf threads.

Are you complaining that a ship is too powerful, or is it the case you don't know how to equip or use your own ships properly (which is the point isn't it?) so you have to moan at those who do?

Just an observation.
I see your observation and reject it. My tanking build can take on every single battleship on Elite simultaneously (all 14, I've done it) and not die. That same build gets EATEN by any Escort.Likewise, I've got an Escort that kills Cubes and Recluses if they so much as blink at him wrong.

I've played for two years, flown every type of ship. I've got 6 characters (3 on each faction; one of each class per faction). I KNOW how to fly a ship,how to make a build, and even what to respec into for a build. I love DPS Tacs. But, there's nothing balanced about any of it. Hence the topic from which I was directed here, calling for just what you're complaining about. Link's in my signature.
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I agree with post #1 and #3 and that's how far I read. lol

But seriously though, these forums have way too much "OMG Nerf this and that threads I think, and they should be nerfed.

Another thing with this is it can probably stifle some of the player creativity.

"Hm I should make a video about this.. but nah, then they will cry nerf."

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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
There isn't much left to actually nerf in the science path.
Other than all Sci ships getting all beam target powers so its like having another Commander BO slot, the ability to summon targeting Black holes and a Rift seen in one episode of one series of Star Trek, the ability to invade other's ships and take all their systems offline and many other Magey powers better left to a fantasy game like WoW.
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02-21-2013, 11:43 AM
The best balance for the game, remove all powers and special abilities. Give everyone the light cruiser or class based beginner starships if you're feeling generous.

Everyone is the same - balancing and nerfing achieved in one fell swoop.

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You say that sarcastically, but the most fun I ever had PvPing was in the 10-29 range.

No one had super gear, no one had wildly varying powers, or a small horde of console slots to min/max. There wasn't enough to abuse to wreck the game.

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