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01-11-2010, 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by Cruis.In View Post
k so if sto is installed correctly, i can open the star trek.exe right? which i can, and i try to log in and see the server is offline. i see the news about open beta.

but tell me, is there a folder you can browse for the installation which shows game files other than .hogg?

if so ill know mine isnt installed correct.
I believe thats it for the game files, they're just highly compressed.
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01-11-2010, 09:06 PM
k i put everything back into the folder that was created when i was downloading.

then clicked on setup.exe chose english and a directory. and it installed the directx thing, then right after that it went to 100% and exited. i checked and all the hogg files are now in program files> cryptic studios > star trek online > live > piggs> hogg files

so i ran it again, everything is fine, doesnt say it wants to patch, was even working fine how i had it before, but no idea why it installed where it did, possibly the default directory was under my aaron/public because thats where it downloaded and i had not exited the downloader? who knows..

but its all packed as it should be and in program files and launches fine, no errors. suspect ill be good and no more qqing.

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