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Ok so there is an element of hyperbole in the title, but that is to get
people's attention. I don't think that the Federation Tutorial mission is
rubbish per se, but I recently rolled a new toon for the upcoming Andorian
ships and ran through it for the first time in ages.
What struck me was how it does not do the game justice.

Lack of feeling of immersion in Star Trek Universe
Dark and dated maps that do not show off the beauty the game is capable of
(compare the ship corridors and Vega colony to epic expanse of New
Slow linear gameplay (Mk0 gear, Tier 0 Miranda gameplay is so boring!)
Borg that are weak and don't fight back (I know the story is that they are
from the past but still they are supposed to be the biggest enemy and this
is pretty confusing from a storyline aspect)

The way the Temporal Ambassador mission played out (great mission btw)
with the player flying a fully kitted out Enterprise C got me thinking
that the tutorial should be more fast paced and perhaps showcase some of
what the game has to offer at higher levels.
It's not like leveling is hard, within a few hours you can get to
Commander and be in a Tier 3 ship, but give a brand new player a taste of
what is to come and I am certain they will be more inclined to stick
around and put in the effort to get there. There are other MMOs that do

My next post will detail a full walkthrough of a suggested way that a new
tutorial could play out.
Skim through to get the general jist, or read carefully to see the exact
description of how some of my ideas play out - what I have tried to do is
include the following key aspects:

1) Full immersion in the Star Trek Universe.
The trailer on the STO website is fantastic for this - starting out as a
graduating cadet, but it is lost in the current tutorial. Why do we get
given a ship at ensign again?!
Paying homages to several scenes seen in the Star Trek movies/episodes

2) Use of stunning vistas, visuals and maps to give players a real taste
of what the game has to offer.
Starting at Starfleet Academy, Oddessy Flyby in a shuttle/wokerbee,
brightly lit and recognisable starship interiors.

3) Faster gameplay with high level gear to give players a chance to see
whats in store for them as they rank/gear up.

4) Decision tree based gaming and a bit of humour fitting of the IP.
Something I think all the missions could do with a bit more of. Decisions
that players make affects the path/difficulty of what is to come (in
addition to allowing for different Accolades as we already have)

Before a get into my mission idea proper, a closing statment...
I don't pretend to know statistics of what players do; how many play for a
bit then never come back, or how far they get, etc. What I do know is my
own experience as a Star Trek fan and that of my friends and fleetmates
and that's currently one of a little disappointment with the lack of
With the new JJ film soon to come out it is a great opportunity (with a
little well spent advertising money/effort) to bring a lot off new faces
to the game, and its important to made a good impression immediately.

Finally, the way I have structured the following I have kept in mind game
mechanics and with the exception of cutscenes and a few other aspects such
as ship/gear this could be a Foundry mission (although I lack the time or
skills to make that a reality!).
Also I have put in suggestions for possible Accolades based on different
choices, and to make this 'fair' for existing characters/allow players to
obtain different options perhaps the whole tutorial could be replayed by
visiting the holodeck on Star Fleet Academy and run as a simulation
(ST2:TWOK Kobyashi Maru, ST5:TFF 'Life is but a Dream'?!)

I know the Devs have a huge amount on their plate for the big May update,
but I feel that this should be a priority for them, since more players
means more $$$ and more $$$ means a better and longer lasting game for all
of us...

McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded... Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren't important. What's important is that you have a good time singing it.
Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?
McCoy: God I liked him better before he died.
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# 2 The Mission...Introduction
02-19-2013, 10:58 AM
As I mentioned a pretty in depth walkthough of my ideas, feel free to skim
or read through in its full detail.
After the Character Creation Screens, when you finally accept your choices...

[CUTSCENE remeniscient of the opening to ST:TNG]

Comet flies past screen which turns into Sun, camera flies past venus,
utopia planitia and Mars, ESD to Earth and zooms in on San Fransisco down
to the Academy in sweeping shot that ends with camera behind players head
in regular ground mode.
Star Trek music plays, Leonard Nimoy voice over "Space the final frontier,
welcome to Star Trek Online. As a Starfleet Officer your mission is to
explore new worlds, to seek out... etc etc."

[Ground based gameplay, player can look around with tutorial instructions
for mouselook but cannot move. Players will be in large tutorial only
instance of SFA with other tutorial players]
Listen to Admiral speech (similar to STO trailer), congratulations on
graduating, brief state of the federation, good luck etc...

[New Mission Objective - Find out posting orders]
Player is now able to move (tutorial instructions on walking) and make
your way to office to get posting orders from some random Lt. (tutorial
instructions on how to interact)

"Ensign, you are being posted as Projectile Weapons Officer (if Tac),
Diagnositic Engineer (if Eng), Biochemist (if Sci) on the USS [Random
Name]. She is a top of the line ship being commissioned today so many
congratulations on your new assignment.
Please make your way to the launch area for your shuttle to drydock"

Another ensign approaches (female if you are male, male if you are female,
perhaps the protegeny of a famous character (Kim, Sisko as in Jakes
son/daughter, etc I will call her Sarah Sisko, assuming I am male, but
female would mean the other ensign is Joseph Sisko named after their great
"Hey [character name] that was exciting wasn't it. Have you heard where
you are being posted yet?"

Three options in dialogue (decision based gameplay as previously mentioned:
1: USS [ Random Name ]
Correct option and will move on the dialogue immediately

2: USS Enterprise
Response from Sarah is "Erm, are you sure?! The Enterprise is still months
away from being commissioned, and I heard we were all getting shipped out
today as we are needed on the front lines. Perhaps you should check
Go back to posting Lt. and ask again their response is "Forgotten your
posting already, not a great start. (or something a little more humerous
but along those lines lol) You are being posted to USS [Random Name]"
Potential Accolade "Wishful Thinking"

3: I don't remember
Response from Sarah is "Well go and ask for your assignment again!"
Go back to Lt. again, same as #2
Potential Accolade "1st Day Nerves"

Once dialogue is moved on...
Sarah: "Wow that's amazing I am being posted there too, perhaps if we are
sharing quarters again, you will keep things a little more tidy than the
past 3 years?! Let's go and find our shuttle I think it leave in the next
few minutes"

[New mission objective - Board Shuttle for Drydock]
(Tutorial on how to read map and objectives, Sarah is your 'boff' and will
follow you around once you get to the shuttle you get inside and interact)

[CUTSCENE Reminiscient of ST:TMP when Kirk approaches the refit Enterprise
and also ST:VOY Caretaker pt 1 when Lt. Paris approaches Voyager docked at
Once you reach the shuttle it moves to an interactive cutscene where you
can move around/look inside the shuttle, but the shuttle itself takes off,
flies under golden gate bridge and up into space.
Looking out of the window you will see the sky goes black, stars appear.
Flypast ESD (and possibly live Sol System instance with all the hubbub
associated and move on towards an Oddessy class ship in drydock.]

Sarah: "There she is, Oddessy Class starship. X decks, Neutronium hull
plating, Quantum Slipstream Drive. Normal crew complement is X, but we are
being launched with a skeleton crew to support the Klingon front"

[External cutscene of flypast of Oddessy from different angles with
engines powing up and running lights coming on (just like ST:TMP).
orchestral music, voiceover "clear all moorings, release docking clamps,
take us out..."
Ship moves away from drydock and goes to warp.]

[CUTSCENE continues again reminiscient of the very beginning of ST:Voy
Caretaker pt.1. Screen has black stars with white text scrolling from
below giving a State of the federation example is written
below (but may not be accurate!)
"The Year is 2409. Following the destruction of Romulus by the Hobus
supernova the alpha quadrant descended into chaos. Seizing an opportunity
for glory the Klingon Empire withdrew from the Khitomer accords and is now
at war with te Federation.
Following her launch the USS [Random Name] was sent directly to the Eta
Erindani front and has engaged the Klingons in multiple skirmishes in the
past two months..."

Camera scrolls down with the glow/sound of weapons fire (you remember the
scene with a Galor chasing Chakotay's Maquis ship.. thats the one...)
The ship is fighting with some birds-of-prey. One is destroyed, the others

McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded... Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren't important. What's important is that you have a good time singing it.
Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?
McCoy: God I liked him better before he died.

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[Ground map mission loads. If you are Tac you are in the torpedo bay
(think ST6:TUC but on a much grander scale this is a flagship class ship
after all), Eng you are in main engineering, Sci you are in sickbay. Your
superior officer gives you orders.]
(Tac: Andorian Cheif Tactical Officer, Eng: Human Cheif Engineer, Sci:
Vulcan Chief Medical Officer)
"We've lost contact with the bridge. Ensign [your name], see if you can
get up there and find out what's going on. Take the turbolift at the end
of the hall up to Deck 1". This whole ground section is reminiscient of
ST:TNG "Disaster"

Note that there will be a hidden crate/lock inside the room you start in.
If you go and loot it you will pick up some consumables (2x Large Power
Cell, if possible consumable phaser turret or consumable combat exocomp)
Potential Accolade "These May Come in Handy"

As you walk out the door your superior officer speaks to you again...
"Ensign, hold on. Internal sensors suggest that the shields are down and
there may be Klingon Boarding parties on several decks. You will need
something that packs some more punch than that sidearm. (referring to the
Mk0 Phaser you start with)
There is an armory locker across the hall, with some prototype equipment
that may come in handy. The code is 4-2-1-3. Good luck"

Optional objective - you have two paths you can choose here:
1) - go to locker enter code, take out special weaponry (Fleet Elite
Sniper, Fleet Elite Shield, Fleet Elite Energy Dampning Armour,
Rechargable Large Hypo - all 'fused' like in Temporal Ambassador and
removed at the end of the mission).
(Tutorial on equipping ground items and how to fire gun/melee)

As you walk along the corridor a load of Klingons trasport in (all with
bat'leths). They charge at you and your commanding oficer speaks to you
"Well don't just stand there, shoot them!"
With the upgraded weapons this should be easy and you should kill all the
enemies pretty quickly.
Potential Accolade "Don't take a Bat'leth to a Phaser fight" (homage to my
favourite snowman sculpture)

2) Ignore your commanding officer and don't go for the weapons locker,
once you pass a point in the corridor the klingons beam in.
Commanding Officer "I told you to pick up a weapon!" The klingons run at
you and you will be incapacitated (Mk0 phaser pretty useless.) Once this
happens your commanding officer and other officers in the previous room
come out and kill the klingons.
Commanding officer resucitates you and insists that you go back to the
locker and get the equipment.
Potential Accolade "Should have listened in class"

Once either path complete turbolift door becomes "interactable" at end of

[The player receives comm signal from Sarah Sisko]
"[your name], thank God you're still alive. You have to help us. A group
of Klingons has trapped us in the mess hall on deck two below the bridge.
We are pinned down and need a distraction. If you come and get us, we can
all try to get to the bridge.
There are bound to be more Klingons up there"

The next decision path has three main outcomes, but at this point the
player has 2 choices.

1) Take turbolift to Deck Two (Messhall)
Scenario will play out as per the below Messhall section
Potential Accolade "Do as you are told"

2) Take Turbolift to Deck One (Bridge)
Before the doors open you will get another message from Sarah
"Are you mad going up there on your own?! Our scans showed a sizeable
Klingon Force up there, you can't take them on on your own"

Once the dialogue is closed the doors open to reveal the Oddessy Brisdge
overrun with batleth wielding Klingons, Targ Handlers and a Dahar Master.
Senior officers are all dead.
The ensuing battle should be HARD. Only the best players, utlizing cover
properly, using perhaps the items found earlier will be able to clear the

Clearing Bridge scenario:
Sarah: "[your name, your name], are you ok? All we could hear was
explosions and phaser fire? How did you do that?! Now get down to Deck 2
and help us!"
[Turbolift can be used to go down to Deck 2 and scenario plays out as per
below Messhall section]
Potential Accolade "Who Needs Back-up?"

Overwhelmed Scenario:
At 1HP (where the player is unable to die) you will get a dialogue from Sarah
"I told you not to go up there on your own... I have rigged a site-to-site
transport to get you out of there... stand by!"
[Player beams to corridor outside messhall]
"You're welcome. Now use that hypo (tutorial on equipped consumables
although this one is rechargeable) and give us a hand."
At 100% HP scenario plays out as per below Messhall section
Potential Accolade "Tried to be a hero...and failed"

McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded... Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren't important. What's important is that you have a good time singing it.
Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?
McCoy: God I liked him better before he died.
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Messhall Section

You start outside the messhall doors (think ten-forward from ST:TNG)
Sarah: "Right you need to provide a distraction. They have a Gorn. Be
careful and don't let him get near you!"

[When player enters messhall confronted with Klingons directly in front
and group of Starfleet Officers crouched at other end of room. Klingons
and Starfleet will start shooting at each other (Starfleet will win since
being unvulnerable)
The large gorn in the middle will aggro on the player and start coming
towards him/her.
1) Again, only a good player will be able to kill him, (using buffs,
combat exocomps, skills etc).
Sarah: "Nice shooting hotshot... [insert extra dialogue before agreeing to
head to the bridge]"
Potential Accolade "Gorn in a Barrel"

2) Not so great player will get bitten by the Gorn which will be an insta
Remaining Starfleet officers will down the Gorn and Sarah will run over
and resucitate
Sarah: "I warned you that would hurt!...[insert extra dialogue before
agreeing to head to the bridge]"
Potential Accolade "Tasty Snack"

Next dialogue and mission content will depend on whether you had cleared
the bridge earlier or not (or indeed came straight to the messhall).
If bridge clear other Starfleet security team say that they are going to
try to clear some other decks and try to find some senior officers, and
you and Sarah agree to go to the bridge and try to get systems back
If the bridge wasn't cleared or was never visited you all go to the bridge
agreeing to go in via different access points.

The ensuing battle will be much easier than solo, and once clear remaining
security officers will again leave to search the ship.

Bridge Section

This part of the mission (and indeed the start of the space combat) is
reminiscient of the ST:Voy Episode "Message in a bottle" where the two
EMHs take command of the USS Prometheus.
Interact with bridge consoles, unable to hail any senior officers,
internal sensors still show sizeable klingon forces across multiple decks.

What can we do? Lets get the shields up first - interact and raise
shields. Now what...
Sarah: "We could release Anaesthazine gas to knock out all humanoid
lifeforms on decks below deck 1. If there are any other Gorn on board it
wouldn't affect them and we would be in trouble..."
What are my other options?
Sarah: "The USS [random name] had an experimental holographic defence
system installed but it hasn't been tested or activated yet. We could try

Option 1:
The holographic what-ya-ma-call it sounds like to much of a risk, lets
just gas the whole ship and sort it out later.
Potential Accolade "Who Needs a Crew anyway" (Yes this is a slight dig at
Cryptics virtually non-functional crew and repair/recovery system. If you
chose this, your ships crew will be held at 2 for the Space Combat section

Option 2:
We can't just gas everyone below decks, me may need the help. Lets try the
defense system. (Note for space combat section later crew will be fixed at
a max cap of 150 to reflect skeleton crew (min cap of 2)

[MACO holographic officer materialises on the bridge (think facility 4028
Soldier: "No enemy lifeforms detected, Standy By, Stand by, Stand by,
Stand By...." (soldier continues to wave his gun around aiming at the
player and Sarah.)
Sarah: "That thing is creepy, can we shut him off?"

Player option 2a:
"No we may need him later just disable his vocal subroutines" - Sarah does

Player Option 2b:
"Yes I agree switch him off!" - Sarah does this

This choice will become important after the next section of space combat,
but the ground portion is completed with Sarah reporting that the Klingon
troops are disabed (or contained)
Computer: "Warning, Klingon warships detected!"

[CUTSCENE: 4 klingon birds-of-prey declock and start firing at the
starship, back to the bridge]
Sarah: "Our weapons are offline, something to do with the targeting
systems being misaligned. Take the conn and keep them off our tail!"
Captains chair becomes 'interactable'... the big moment that everyone has
been waiting for. Sit down!

McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded... Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren't important. What's important is that you have a good time singing it.
Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?
McCoy: God I liked him better before he died.
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You are now in control of space combat - tutorial on moving the ship.
Details of exactly how space combat works is not completely thought
through, but I am thinking that like the Enterprise C in Temporal
Ambassador this will be a fully equipped Oddessy with fused mk 12 purple
(Perhaps a little increase in turn rate too so its not that sluggish)
Also certain bridge skills will become available with breif explanatory
tooltips at the points that they are needed. (Sufficed to say this will be
a ship better set up than the Ent C was...)

The ship starts off with weapons disables, Sarah is asking for you to buy
her some time and lose them in a nearby asteroid field. As you take
damage, skills like Emergency Power to Shields 3 and RSP3 become
avaliable, with Sarah encouraging you to use them at relevant points.
As you take hull damage Engineering Team 3, Auxillary to SIF3 also do the

Once you make it to the asteroid field Sarah informs you that she has
gotten the targetting systems online.
Computer: "Weapons systems online. Please specify target"

Popup dialogue... "Klingons!!... (hehe)"

Weapons online, Beam Array Fire at Will 3 becomes avaliable and should
make short shrift of the remaining klingon BOPs.

[CUTSCENE Vorcha Attack Cruiser decloaks at point blank range and unloads
on the players ship, which lists to one side visibly damaged (and this
visual damage FX does not 'repair itself' and remains until mission end).
Sarah: "Shields are offline!" CUTSCENE moves to the bridge and a klingon
warrior beams onboard and here the choice made earlier on holo defence
system (and indeed dismissing or just silencing the bridge officer) comes
to play.

If the holo officer was never used or dismissed the klingon officer will
kill Sarah with a Swift Batleth strike. You react and vaporize him, nooo
Sarah.. sob sob...
Player "Computer reinitialise shields" END Cutscene...

If you kept the holographic officer activated he reacts immediately
vaporising the the intruder with an immidiate and absolutely devestating
barrage of firepower. (Think horizontal orbital strike!!)
Soldier "Intruder detected initiate defense countermeasures..."

Sarah "I must get those shields back up"
She runs over to a console which explodes in her face and she dies...nooo
Sarah.. sob sob...
Computer "Shields reinitialised" END Cutscene...
Potential Accolade "Final Sacrifice"

Note for remaining Space combat minimum crew is now 1 max 150. (If gas was
used it is 1 and will not change.)

Torp High Yield 3 becomes available, tooltip to turn ship to face the
enemy, and player destroys the vorcha avenging his/her companions

McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded... Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren't important. What's important is that you have a good time singing it.
Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?
McCoy: God I liked him better before he died.
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At this point the player recieves a hail from an Admiral commanding a
squadron of vessels that have come under fire. Player warps to their
location. This will play much like the current tutorial when the players
are killing borg cubes.
This will be an open instance full of other players on tutorial mission,
plus non-Oddessy NPC ships (defiant, galaxy, intrepid (ie recognisable ST
ships)). Aim will be to destroy 10 Klingon battle cruisers (similar to
starbase 24, with enemies constantly warping in.)
This should be fun, big fleet battle, lots of FAW, torp HY/spread, and
abilities to keep the player alive (min HP capped at 1HP so ship can't
actually die...)

Once you have achieved the objective the Admiral hails you commending you
on a job well done, and suggests that they can handle it from here.
You are given orders to leave the battlefield and get your ship back to
Earth for repairs. (Lock up klingon prisoners if gas was used etc.)
Leave system

[SECTOR SPACE. Brief tutorial about how to set a course and how to use
Quantum Slipstream drive. Player will be in Sirus near Eta Erindani
border, trip up to Earth should take 30-45 secs max at advanced
[Player enter Sol, and docks - you have to fly up to the doors rather than
being able to hit 'Dock' from far away]

[CUTSCENE - reminiscient of ST3:TSFS when USS Enterprise returns to
spacedock and everyone looks out window at damage across the hull. Only
this time its a beautiful Oddy...]

[Final objective - debreifing from Admiral Quinn in his office]

Admiral Quinn: "Ensign, I would like to commend you on your actions in the
past 24 hrs. Your skill and courage are a true representation of what it
means to wear that uniform. You had to make alot of decisions today, some
of them may have been
more 'right' than others, but thats the world that we are living in now.
The fact is you are standing in front of me now and the USS [Random Name] is still in
one piece."

"In this time of crisis Starfleet needs more officers like you. Officers
to lead the line. We have plenty of ships, but not enough captains who
have what it takes to command them. You have clearly demonstrated that you
have what it takes..."
"So I am taking the decision to give you your own command, and to give you
the chance to continue to prove yourself in that uniform. I have let the
Shipyard Quartermaster know and he has your ship ready.
She may not be our most advanced vessel in the fleet, but I am sure that
with you in command and with the right crew beside you, you will make a
difference." (bye bye capt. Kirk ST:Generations)

McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded... Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren't important. What's important is that you have a good time singing it.
Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?
McCoy: God I liked him better before he died.
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# 7 Closing Points
02-19-2013, 11:02 AM
Well thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed my premise, and the way in
which I tried to write the story of this mission, staying true to the
universe we find ourselves in.
Couple of admin points on the above and how I see this fitting in...

Players would not earn SP at all during this mission. (They would remain
at lvl 0.) You would go and get a Miranda from the shipyard and commission
it like a normal ship being able to name it etc.
You could then run the regular tutorial mission (minus the initial bits
where you are not the Captain) or my preffered option would be to replace
it completely and get on with Stranded in Space.
For the latter option you may have a quick mini mission to get an initial
set of doffs and gear that the tutorial provides but I would see this as
being ESD related content.

All in all I think the tutorial should showcase the best parts of the game
(and should be the best mission we have), I don't feel the current one
does this... perhaps it is time for a change?

McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded... Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren't important. What's important is that you have a good time singing it.
Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?
McCoy: God I liked him better before he died.
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# 8
02-19-2013, 02:50 PM
I like the sounds of it; I was really surprised when I joined the game after watching the free to play trailer, and there was absolutely nothing about the academy at all. In fact the only reasons to go there are for duty officer requisitions and stupid event mini-games!

I know it's been done in other Star Trek games, but I was looking forward to being taught the ropes at the academy, maybe doing some simulations; I know doing the Kobayashi Maru test might be a bit clich?d, but hell I'd want to give it a try, plus it would be a good excuse to give you a higher level ship to try out early on as a taste of what you can do next.

Then it would lead onto your role aboard your actual assigned ship where you have to help out. I mean, to get the progression right we'd be talking a whole season's worth of missions, but personally I didn't like suddenly being in command of my own ship; there was nothing about the values of the Federation or any of the stuff that would really immerse you in who your character is meant to be.

Uhm? yeah, I absolutely would like to see the tutorial greatly expanded. Of course the KDF need the effort more, but then a lot of new players will be joining the Federation, so it's fairly important to have a good tutorial that gets them hooked. I did personally still enjoy the space combat parts of the early missions, as it's the whole reason I stayed, if it had just been the ground combat I'd have dumped STO before I levelled up
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# 9
02-19-2013, 02:57 PM
I do love the idea...that was always something I felt was a bit lacking as well...the whole immersion of it

THAT SAID... I actually think the tutorial mission is one of the best in the game... in that you are a small part of a bigger engagement... I like the idea that not all stories should have you, the captain, in the spotlight....but rather part of the greater Starfleet/Federation just doing your part.

Thanks for was a great read; that looks like it took more than 5 minutes to map out lol
|William@wmcarson|Starfleet Reserve|
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# 10
02-19-2013, 03:00 PM
yer in my mind the space battle part of the mission would actually be the longer part (even though it doesnt look like it from the write up!).

My view is just that linear ground combat is the worst part of the game, so there is alot of story/decision tree potential accolade paths in the ground sections (and hence the detailled pages of write up!)

The space part would be more like a fleet event with max level weapons, and would be fun!

McCoy: It's a song, you green-blooded... Vulcan. You sing it. The words aren't important. What's important is that you have a good time singing it.
Spock: Oh, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?
McCoy: God I liked him better before he died.

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