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Hi all, I was just curious as to this issue and if anyone else seems to be experiencing it. After downloading, installing, and patching the game to the correct version when it launches it goes through the Cryptic and Atari load screens. After that it gives the Loading screen like its going to the main title screen, the Star Trek music plays but the screen comes up black. In the bottom left corner it displays the version number in white letters and in the top right of the screen if you mouse over there is a set of small buttons to minimize/maximize the screen like a webpage has. However everything else is black on the screen except for the mouse cursor. Is anyone else having this issue? I've updated drivers for my VisionTek Radeon HD 3600 and I've tried older drivers, both to no avail. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the game and repatched. There were no errors during file decompression, installation, or patching, so I don't believe anything corrupted while installing. Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to read this post and respond!
Lt. Commander
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01-12-2010, 07:18 AM
Hi there, I had the same issue but it was regarding out of date drivers that aren't really out of date on XP x64.

See this thread:

I managed to fix it by putting it into lowered settings with the launcher and creeping the graphical settings upwards. I don't know how you can force it into lower settings without getting the out of date driver message though.
Perhaps a dev could assist on that.

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