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Originally Posted by jonsills View Post
Well, phonetic coincidences do happen. My suggestion is to think it over while having a nice relaxing Ouisghian Zodah...
They do indeed
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03-06-2013, 02:34 PM
Thanks for the comments on the story. I am thinking if I have time, of following Paul Wasson's career backwards, so to speak. Find out what happened with the Admiral's daughter, and why he ended up on the Biko. I chose the name from a list of science vessels that just might barely still be functioning in 2409.
I like the idea of a Starfleet "penalty box" where misbehaving captains and/or crew are put to cool their heels for a little while. Ironically, had Captain Wasson just notified Starfleet of their findings, he probably would have gotten moved to a more prestigious post, but his arrogance at wanting to prove SF wrong got the better of him, to the detriment of his crew.

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