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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
... but seriously they create there games to appeal to people that can't name the brand of there CPU... or the model number on there video card... and have to be walked through a driver update to install the game properly.
You talk down to this demographic as if they are unworthy of oxygen. Get off your damn high horse and open your eyes to the reality that you just described >90% of gamers. Gaming is still a business, and any business that doesn't create their game to appeal to as wide an audience as possible is shooting their own foot off.

Those types of people ... decide to try PvP and get annoyed. It makes the thought for most devs of adding open world pvp that most of US hard core gamer's love... an issue. (at least I think that's how most of the money sees it) Not to mention that they Believe those segments of the market greatly out number ours... and there likely right.
This is rich. In one sentence you revile the line of thinking by using the term "believe," then in the next you admit it's likely true. Companies that make highly-regarded MMORPGs don't need to "believe" in the makeup their demographic, they have piles upon piles of databases and gameplay statistics that tell them the truth. There are entire companies out there dedicated to going thru these piles of data and pulling out nuggets of wisdom that drive the entire industry.

Games like EVE and yes even SWG had/have a very small base in comparison... are we loyal customers YES... are we plentiful... not really. Games like that don't attract the big publish bucks what can ya do... we are fans of the "art film" version of the MMO industry... and they all wanna make Summer blockbusters.
You're twisting the reality of the situation to play the martyr. Every game company under the stars would give their left nut to be half as successful as WoW. Every one of them I've heard talk about their titles is focused on making "the best game possible" and hope it wins over the hearts of tens-of-millions of fans.

Yes, even your beloved "art film" studios like CCP (makers of EVE). Who, I might remind you, is attempting as-we-speak to capitalize on their little "art film" by launching a console title that is intended to draw in a new type of gamer, largely comprised of the type of gamer described in the first block of text I quoted in his post. Now who's the plucky upstart?

And do you even remember who made SWG? Sony Online Entertainment - the very definition of a "blockbuster" house. Hell, the game was shut down because it couldn't live up to their standards. And if you think SWG was ever a model of solid, balanced gameplay, then you are far more deluded than I could have imagined. Mind poisons, Eye shots, macro'd Doctor Buffs that became a necessity for gameplay? This sandbox was peed-in long before the NGE tried to straighten it out.
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Originally Posted by havam View Post
So i m still raging mad at systems latest stroke of genius. I want to start something on a more positive note:

If I read between the lines correctly in different interviews and forum posts. Neverwinter are actually putting proper Dev time into PvP. Part of there efforts come back to STO, like making the systems team understand that F@W is broken, has only been different kinds of broken since Season 2, mind you.

So any open beta LTS pvp'ers out there, what is there to discover in Neverwinter PvP development, that might make its way to STO? How are they approaching things differently. First of they only have one faction. Smart move, or not, dunno. Let's hear it from the livers.

If they suddenly start flying in space ships and not riding around on giant spiders, i'll let you know.
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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
If they suddenly start flying in space ships and not riding around on giant spiders, i'll let you know.
Spelljammer was fun back in the day...
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Originally Posted by pantsmaster916 View Post
You mad bro?
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hmm giant space spiders feeding on smurfs. I like where this is going
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