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Just a little light hearted thread about what if the 'big 5' star trek captains (kirk/picard/janeway/archer/sisko) were actually sitting in boff stations on your ship? (limiting to 4 skills maximum)


Abandon ship 3
Auto destruct 3
Ramming speed 3
'Flout the temporal prime directive and disrupt the timeline to just save crewmate' 4

Ignore pointy ears 1
Ignore protocol 1
Blunder into fight 1
Ask for pointy ear's help 3

[Combat (Self)] Your Bite deals 2378 (1475) Physical Damage(Critical) to Spawnmother.
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Racial Intolerance (deals 10% more damage to Ferengi's. -10% to credibility when discussing racial bigotry)
Dramatic Internations (+10 to speech. +20 when combined with bald head and goatee)
False Flag (+10 to subterfuge when dealing with Romulan's. -5 self respect)
Eddington! (-15 to temper threshhold when pursuing man who you invited into your home for jumbalaya and then betrayed you resulting in several nights of solitary holodeck boxing)

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Four Lights (+25 resistance to interrogation)
Rene.. (Can perform 'flood of tears', 25% chance of making an opponent feel really uncomfortable and want to leave the room)
Summon Livingstone (summons a effect on anyone except a slightly grumpy replacement captain who is a crafty old dog when it comes to military stand-offs, but is admittedly, somewhat abrasive when dealing with a bunch of hippy explorers)
Shut up Wesley (self explanatory)
No! Nooooo! (15% chance of breaking your little ships)

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Loaf Head (creates a level 10 haircut capable of altering the gravimetric flow of an entire quadrant)
Suspended Belief (50% chance of using the main deflector to do pretty much do anything, ever)
Coffee. Black. (spawns a coffee. black.)
Cougar Skills (+20 to speech when dealing with young korean ensigns who miss their mummy, and are also not getting any..action)

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James T. Kirk

Ripped Shirt- +50% damage resistance and +50% melee after taking any amount of melee damage, except against Vulcans.
"KHAAAAAAN!"- Deducts 5% from all skill checks when opposed by Khan Noonien Singh.
Infamous Enemy- +15% damage and +15% Intimidation vs Klingons
Reputation with the Ladies- +15% to Speech and Charm in interactions with the opposite sex.

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This is my new favorite thread

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots
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Defiant: 90% extra damage to Borg.
Sisko Punch: Q just gives you the dilithium rather than asking if you will go chase some presents around.
It's a Fake:Instantly turns all Romulans in the area into level 60 alias (sacrificing one of them)
Awesome:Reduces any enemies ability to fight him.
Delta Rising is the best ex... oh sod it, I just want my Jupiter and Typhoon

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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
Ignore pointy ears I
Blame pointy ears II
Ask pointy ears for help III
Indifferent facial expression III
Fixed that for you...
Great! Only three left. Now all I need is for one of them to leave the room and then there will be only one left...
Wait, where I come from three minus one still leaves two!
Where I come from is a far more interesting place.

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