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# 1 MGSV = first Day of Foxhound?
06-11-2013, 05:42 PM
After watching the trailer for MGSV (or MGS5 for others), I start to think that all the characters in MGSV ended up being Shadow Moses Foxhound:
-Eli = >liquid
-Quiet => Sniper Wolf
-Code Talker => Granfather of Raven
-Child with Mask => Mantis
-Ocelot... well, just Ocelot.

I know - there have always been parallels in MGS games, but this one is much higher... not to mention that since there is still the theme of Child Soldiers, they CAN grow to become Foxhound of Shadow Moses. This also help reinforce the alternate names they gave themselves - the Sons of Big Boss.

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