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Hi there,

quite a few PVP'ers would like to take part in the upcoming 2nd No-BS tournament, but do not have a (full) team.

If you are looking for a team, post your @handle, so that other like-minded people may be able to find you.

Peeps / Teams so far:

- @srspells
- @pascalb1

Visit the Inner Circle YouTube Channel to watch some pew pew PVP action!

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# 2
04-30-2013, 01:51 PM
@pascalb1 noob eng/sci/tac

Tao Eng DPS
Reico Eng DPS
Shaiden Eng Heal
Qin Tac
Nio Sci CC
Jade Sci DPS

Oni Eng Heal ( Main )
Lucian Eng Dps
Numion Tac
Leron Sci CC
Nova Aurora Polaris
- Nova Aurora Polaris -

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