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I currently have the Odyssey set of ships, and kind of not happy with them as when you try and stop, or turn they act like if you slammed the brakes on a light asian car without ABS on it that happens to be racing accros an an ice rink with how they slide around, and I'm getting sick of it.

Also its damage I feel is lacking

The ship I'm currently using is the tactical one with a transphasic top launcher, also plasma, polaron, and tetryon mk XII cannons mounted in the front
Rear has a kinetic cutting beam, and 3 turrets

Engineering: 2X neutronium, worker bees, and Chevron sep
Science: Assimilated module, emitter array, and field gen
Tac: aquarius escort, and 2X prefire chambers

deflector shields, and engines are borg XI

Crew skills
Tac: Torp spread I, High Yield II, and RF II, tac team 1, and scatter voley
Sci: Sci team I, tractor beam 1, and jam sensors II
eng: eng team I, reverse polarity, Directed Energy modulation II,and eject warp plasma II

Now for starters is there anything I should do to upgrade the ship itself or increase its performance?

Other question I'm torn between getting the Dreadnaught, or the Tactical Escort Retrofit eventually(well probably in 2 weeks or so). I love how the dred looks, but I'm worried about its officer stations(as my cannon skill rotation wouldn't work), that it will skid like the Odyssey, and most times I will be trying to get the ship to turn around to fire instead of actually firing(like the Odyssey).
My play style probably would be more for the defiant though as if you look at my armaments its mostly cannons, and I do have a Mirror Patrol Escort I somewhat like playing with. All I know is I want a cloak why I got it narrowed to those 2

Side note my chars a tac officer if it makes any real difference.
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04-03-2013, 02:38 PM
Hi ya,

the skiddy thing is inertia, always will happen with an Oddy 'cos it's the size and weight of a small town. You can powerslide it if you map the throttle to a mouse wheel and put it in reverse before a turn and full throttle out of it.

Or you could try an aux to inertial dampeners build (two aux2in cycled). It'll help the turn rate, and energy/kinetic resists too (unless it's been changed since last time I did it).

The 3-piece oddy console bonus is also not great, unless they buffed it seriously. Better off just keeping the chevron sep just for the turn boost and + weapon power. (and workers bee's if you think the hull is squishy 'cos of BOFF skill choice/captain choice, although I never used it tbh). I used to use the chev console on the sci version the - shield power cancelled out on separation but dunno if losing the tac console slot was worth the survivability.

one other suggestion: one energy weapon type, and tac consoles that all boost that energy type. Anything else is a waste.

The new ship question I can't really answer, I have the fleet tac retro but not the dread.

Hope that helps, though.
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04-03-2013, 03:49 PM
Thx for the reply
I've done the power slide before in a circle around a NPC enemy I was like WHOA I'M DRIFTING A STARSHIP. But yea outside the very situational (or I'm bored) use I find it more a nuisance.

I also came to the same conclusion about the 3 piece set of the consoles as I now barely use the aquarius thing, and the separation I do find nice for the added turn(wish I could just dump the saucer completely), and the worker bees, honestly I use them, but they aren't all that impressive from what I see as they only restore 3000 of the hull over 10 secs, and have a pretty long CD.
only reason I've been keeping them is due to the bonus (and not having any consoles to fill the spot yet, as the ones I now have were bought the other day as my old ones were complete trash)
+0.5 Flight Turn Rate
25% recharge time reduction to the Odyssey Console Set
+12 Starship Hull Plating
+12 Starship Armor Reinforcements
+12 Starship Electro-Plasma System

hmm maybe I should respec and put some points in inertial dampeners

I've also had plans to go to one energy type, actually I was all polaron prior to getting the borg setup as I had the jem' hadar set, and played into 2 piece bonus. Will say with this all over the board setup I've had a nice increase in damage over the polaron heavy focus
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04-03-2013, 06:44 PM
Inertial Dampeners skill only helps you get out of holds like tractor beams... I don't know why either.

Definitely go all of one energy type and fill all your Tac consoles slots with that energy types' console of the highest mark and rarity that you can afford. That alone will boost your damage a fair bit.

If you're looking for which energy type to go for, Disruptor is pretty nice. There's also the option of going plasma to ease the transition to the Romulan Reputation weapons (which are and have a bonus to plasma).

For Mirror Patrol Escort, going 3x Dual Heavy Cannons and a torp of choice fore and Three turrets aft of the same energy type and buffed by filling up your tac consoles will get your DPS nice and high, and your Tac Captain abilities will synergize with a escort better than a cruiser.
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04-03-2013, 08:49 PM
funny thing is I just decided to swapp over to plasma like 10 mins before I saw your post
I figured the proc might actually do some nice damage as 6 cannons firing like mad almost all the time should cause a quite a few procs. I know its still pathetic damage, but its better than the slight shield drain that most things regen faster then, and a pile of the other procs. Also its base damage seems higher than most the ones I picked up.

btw glad I didn't go respec

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