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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
I'd recommend the Charal (engi) ship. It's what I fly. It's got 5 forward weapons. 4 tactical consoles. It's not going to scrimp on tactical firepower. But it's also got more breathing room in the BOFF layout.

Remember though I bought the three pack. So I can just switch out to one of the others whenever I feel like. If you're only making a single purchase, you should take the one that you are going to feel most comfortable in.
You could also get the sci variant.

One reason is, you can stack the shield capacity consoles and get alot more shield cap for more breathing room.

Or if you aren't using the andorian consoles, you can forgo the wing cannons for plasma weapons, use the sci slots for the embassy sci consoels with plasma damage.

Alot of choices you can have, but honestly I wouldn't recommend the tact. version of the andyscort. Too squishy.

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