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# 1 Fleet held Hostage
02-12-2013, 03:12 AM
Good day ladies and gentlemen;

My fleet mates and I are going through a current Fleet crisis in which we hope Cryptic will implement a fair solution.

Not too long ago our Fleet Leader made his intention known about quitting STO via a mail to one of the Main Officers of the fleet. This mail was also sent to several of the officers that are in charge of Fleet operations.

In this mail he stated that he intended to sell his account, which of course would be some sort of violation. That was like 3 months ago.

Since then he has unfriended everyone and never responded to our mails. He went silent, except for logging in once a month for 10 minutes and randomly kicking players out. When he does log in he quickly logs out when a Fleet Officer attempts at communication.

Status of Fleet Starbase:

A) All Special Projects Unlocked
B) Enormous amount of Fleet Starbase Provisions acquired
C) The Fleet Starbase is half way in completing Tier IV

We are now assuming that the former lead is keeping the Fleet hostage by:

A) Not Voluntarily stepping down
B) Not opening communication with his fellow Officers
C) By not allowing the system to assign a new leader due to 30 day inactivity
D) Removing us all from his friend list despite nobody doing anything to him

The Solution:

Cryptic needs to have a system in place where more than 3 players can vote the present lead out of the leadership position. Some sort of voting system that would allow the Fleet to function again.

Members worked soo hard and committed a huge amount of resources to only have this happened.

We are currently in the process of forming a new fleet, but all the time wasted, and all those resources and provisions gone.

A voting system within a fleet needs to be implemented, at least for the medium to larger fleets.

We have come to the conclusion that the leaders acount has been compromised, if it is not him than it may be someone else.

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# 2
02-12-2013, 03:22 AM
Cryptic won't step into fleet matters, the only thing you can do is hope he does not log in for 30 days so the next in line can assume control....or move to another fleet. That sucks
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# 3
02-12-2013, 03:30 AM
Sorry to hear, and I'd like to think that since he said he were gonna sell his account, Cryptic could check logs for account access and see if this is the case.

This would help you guys to easier get help from Cryptic I think.

Also be sure to read through the whole EULA/ToS texts for something you can use to plead your case.

Good luck.
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# 4
02-12-2013, 03:33 AM
Hello stark2k,

I'm sharing fleet leadership with my best friend and we have a rather tiny fleet consisting of 5 people altogether that we know personally.
So when something goes wrong we can punch each other in the nose if neccessarry (just not literally).
We chose this setup because we all were worried about things like what you describe happening.
[this is just a pointless introduction]

After reading your post I agree, this is a nightmare come true.
I know it's Cryptic's stance to not get involved in fleet-politics.
However nobody said they can't add mechanics to solve such issues afterwards.
I agree with you on this, there need to be systems in place to end this situation.
You've got my support on this.
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# 5
02-12-2013, 03:41 AM
Cryptic needs to have a system in place where more than 3 players can vote the present lead out of the leadership position. Some sort of voting system that would allow the Fleet to function again.

That would be open to to much abuse as all it would take was a few mates getting together and taking over random fleets once they have established themselves within the fleet.
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# 6
02-12-2013, 03:56 AM
Well they need to start. I lose all respect for Cryptic if they continue to let bull**** happen because they refuse to fix their flawed, post starbase fleet system that causes nearly nothing but drama. Their customers suffer because of one person with too much power who gets their panties in a twist, or see dollar signs. They unleashed starbases on us. It is now their responsibility to make things right whether they like it or not. If they do not then this game is hardly worth anyone's time when you could lose everything meaningful you worked hard for so very easily.

This is where the starbase design flops hard. Lack of vision is the cause of our problems. It's a common issue. It's a lack of customer understanding on their part, that they fail to realize not nearly enough people playing this game hold the values of the franchise that they're so fond of. For some it's nothing more to them than a space combat fantasy sim.

Perhaps, for example, if there was a vote system in place, so called "leaders" would start behaving when they aren't given free reign to troll and play dictator. This is Star Trek Online, not The Adventures of Kim Jong Un.

Needless to say it is obvious why we are in this situation. What I am saying is if I ever find myself fleetless suddenly because of this problem here, and I lose access to the starbase progression I have been through since day 1, Cryptic will be very very hard pressed to keep me playing and paying them my dollars. VERY hard pressed. It is better for them to do something than put their heads in the sand and pretend the problem doesn't exist. An even worse stance is to look at us as numbers and say, "heh, we can afford to lose all the people whom would quit because of this. Not a problem."
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# 7
02-12-2013, 04:00 AM
Fleet held hostage?

In my best Samuel L. Jackson-ish voice...

"Time for Cryptic to get all "Zero Dark Thirty" up in this mother****er!"
"Dammit J'mpok! I'm a Warrior, not a Worrier!"

- KDF Ambassador Syon vocalizing her objection to the discussions of possible peace talks with the UFP due to recent Borg and Undine activities.
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# 8
02-12-2013, 04:02 AM
Its not Cryptics fault the leader decides to be a moron and do what he does?

There is no way they could place a voting system on as i said in previous post this would lead to people joining fleets with the soul purpose of kicking the leader and taking over the fleet, then you would all be back on the forums complaining about that system.

They have already added a time based solution which is more than likely the best you are going to get.
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# 9
02-12-2013, 04:09 AM
Well, it could at least be percent-based not a hard number.
For example make it not based on the number of characters, but the number of accounts.
Otherwise a player with a large number of characters in a fleet can just block everything.
Let's say to "impeach" a fleet leader you need the support of 67 percent of all the accounts in a fleet.
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# 10
02-12-2013, 04:10 AM
It is a real shame Cryptic wont do a thing in these circumstances. They created the shody system that allows things like this to happen, but then step back when the stuff hits the fan.

It could never be perfect, but the fact that your leader has openly admitted to selling his/her account, cryptic should intervene as that is against tos I believe......

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