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03-07-2013, 01:25 PM
you don't need the jem'hadar attack ship pets to be effective. they're nice to have, cool abilities, sure. but they are not an "i win" button. the dreadnought is really good by itself.

Originally Posted by joseph1963 View Post
but since STO became FTP; this entire game turn around pay to win; so you have 2 choice; either you accept it and farm dilithium to put less money in this game; or; leave
i dunno why you're so bent. other than subbing for one month to unlock the perks, i haven't dipped a dime into this game. i own a jem'hadar dread, jhas, temporal ship, kumari line, etc., but i don't spend stupid amounts of money on them. i play the game with whatever playing time i have. i manage to cap dil every day just by playing effectively.

everyone keeps throwing around that "sto is pay to win." it certainly is not. when sto went f2p, i promised myself that i would never drop a single dime into the game for store stuff. so far, i've managed to do that. other than certain exclusives, everything is obtainable in the game over time. they want you to play the game. so play it.
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03-07-2013, 01:27 PM
Originally Posted by kronplah78 View Post

Oh btw, did you know if you that if you get caught by a GM/dev buying from 'EC farmers' there can be severe consequences?
This is a new one on me.... How do you mean buying from an EC farmer? Surely everyone is trying to farm EC?
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70 mil in 2 days? sure it can be done with a lucky drop and sold on Exchange (without spending a dime)

Or have resources ready to convert to zen (refined dil)

but starting back on scratch? that is a bit harder to do IMO.

There is a small chance from exchange play (buy low and sell high)
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Originally Posted by joseph1963 View Post
First off keradim; I must apolagize for the rudeness of all people; you see as soon as you start a post with much negative or anger; these people take a pleasure of making feel wrong; even if you are right; next; I just learn of this issue with you mentioning it; I feel bad for you; but since STO became FTP; this entire game turn around pay to win; so you have 2 choice; either you accept it and farm dilithium to put less money in this game; or; leave; caused Ives realize that complaining is that last thing that will make this games upgrade itself ..

Good days to you
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