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# 1 D'kyr Build
02-18-2013, 07:23 AM
Hello all,

I have made a new vulcan Sci captain. I kinda want to use her as a role playing character.

Right now im thinking of buying the D'kyr but so far i haven't found any good builds for it.

Can anyone help me with it? It is unique ship but is the ship worth it?

Are there any other ship that is good for an sci captain?

(Currently) looking for a PVE build that can survive during PVP

any suggestion / information is welcome !

Thank you
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# 2
02-18-2013, 12:57 PM
Hmm, i'm going to go with Polarized Disruptors with this one. Not sure this would make for a good PvP build. I don't do it often.

Lt. Tac: Tactical Team, Attack Pattern Beta/Delta
Lt. Cmd Engi: Emergency power to shields, Extend shields (or Auxillery to Structural I), Auxillery to Struct II (or Eject Warp Plasma)
En. Sci: Polarize Hull
Lt. Sci: Transfer shield strength, Energy siphon
Cmd. Sci: Hazard emitters, Science Team II, Gravity Well, Viral Matrix

A Neumonium Alloy in engineering
A Field Generator, Emitter Array, two Flow Capacitor in science
Two Disruptor Induction Coil in tactical.

Have at ye, nitpickers!

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Survivor of Romulus
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# 3
02-22-2013, 06:23 AM
I wonder if there is an drain build possible ?
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# 4
02-22-2013, 06:31 AM
Drain builds don't work for FED ships.

I would shop around in this thread. Some of the older plasma builds are kind of outdated. So you can start substituing regular plasma torps with omega or romulan torps.

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