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02-22-2013, 10:04 PM
And here is some data thanks to Pug02.

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02-22-2013, 11:35 PM
The ships themselves are great. Mobile with lots of firepower.

Im using full andorian weapons and 1 Wide arc quantum. 2 andorian DHC, 1 Wing cannons, 1 DBB, 1 WAQ Torpedo up front with 2 turrets in rear.

Im combining CRF3, BO2, HYT3. Leads to massive spike dmg on attack runs. Now to talk about the extras on the ship.

The Wing cannons are good, but no acc or crit h/d will limit some things where they really shine is with the console abilities. Tachyon burst is pretty awesome if your skilled up in flow caps, mine drains for -5,500 shields per facing in 1 shot. While that doesnt sound like much it will strip full shields from a BOP on all facings in 1 go. Pair it with tachyon mines and you can remove massive amount of shields.

The Wing Overload is great, while it doesnt crit often combine it with tac buffs and its devistating. Keep in mind no Acc mods so if your in pvp tractorbeam/grav well + Wing OL is nasty. In pve use it on grav welled enemies and watch all of them take upwards of 70k dmg in 1 shot, that 1 hit can produce 300k+ dmg.

The Wing platforms, possibly one of the best consoles. They are deployed turrets that fire when you fire your wing cannons so try to keep enemy in your sights at all times. Use scatter volley or rapid fire, or either of the other special consoles and they will gain the same ability for the duration. While not as powerful as your cannon they do respectable dmg think of them like an extra turret or single cannon. But use them with the other consoles and they can add +1000s of extra dmg quickly. Most of the time my platforms will live long enough for the cooldown to finish and i can relaunch them, try to avoid flying into warp breachs and isometric charges.

+10% acc bonus is nice as well. My character has the Acc trait and all the acc skills so even without Acc x3 weapons this ship still can hit consistantly. BTW i use the Sci version with 3 shield cap consoles, 4 tac consoles, and 3 special consoles and it works great.

Stay mobile, keep a target in front targeted and let your cannons roar. BTW the above data is kinda flawed as it only used CRF2 which non cannon weapons wont benifit from. So its pretty obvious 5 DHC + 2 Turrets would win its all cannons with crf2.
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02-22-2013, 11:52 PM
I would buy it if I were you .
I can't have it for my kdf raptor captain but this ship is the ultimate raptor in game
(Forget fleet defiant which is second best raptor in game)

Kdf escort's are a joke to this ship in PVP if kumari is handled by a good pilot.
(ask panda's-they made huge damage in PVPcleared map's yesterday with 2 tactical kumari )
More if kumari has an healer beside that then I can't do anything against them in my kdf raptor.

Anybody who is telling that this ship is bad or it makes something wrong or actually he/she wants more buff added to this already overpowered ship.

That thing that many were saying that if you are out of it arc you are safe it is not true.
It hits hard with AOE so hard that my kdf raptor was killed ~3km from it initial target by the AOE effect.I don't think there is something similar in game that can kill a kdf raptor in a 3 km radius area.
(PI*r*r=28 km squared that is the actual surface of AOE)
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02-23-2013, 12:48 AM
ITT ussultimatum saves me money by confirming the expected, triple console is gimmick garbage. Buy the eng or sci version at most and call it a day. Although according to that graph, not really for even increased dps, as any 4/3 ship with 5 tac consoles should overtake. Quite the "glass cannon"
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02-23-2013, 01:52 AM
Since KDF didn't get an equivalent I won't buy it. I don't support Cryptics latest"Federation gets all the cheesy toys" policy.
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02-23-2013, 02:01 AM
Originally Posted by hawks3052 View Post
Since KDF didn't get an equivalent I won't buy it. I don't support Cryptics latest"Federation gets all the cheesy toys" policy.
As opposed to the good old days of only the KDF getting the cheesy toys?

@OP: I would suggest you wait a few weeks. Maybe Cryptic will change the consoles to be decent, or they might decide that consoles notwithstanding the eng/sci versions are too good and nerf them. You really can't know what to expect from Cryptic these days. Wait a while and see how the situation develops, then make a buy/ no buy decision.
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02-23-2013, 02:16 AM
All consoles are gimmicks but if you use them correctly and well timed good consoles can lead to devistating results. The wing overload has a 2km blast impact radius but the dmg doesnt deminish with distance.

Me and my friend were doing STFs and FA. He would grav well and scatter volley to bring down shields on all targets. I would charge in and fire my wing ol at 8km, by the end of 4 sec i was within 3km of the targets, max dmg for cannons. My OL would rip loose and hit all the spheres etc in the grav well for 70-90k dmg non crit i might add, with just my tac buffs. Sure its like a Tric mine pre nerf but its energy dmg that shields dont mitigate like torpedo/mines its worth the slot.

When your in a pinch and need that burst of dmg its critical. Im chainging it with BOs so you take the massive hit from repeated large spikes of energy dmg. Toss in a 23k+ shield strip and you can do some amazing stuff. And with my build a second later my energy levels are back to full, if i absolutely need max power hit a battery and your good to go.

And if you think all andorian ships use 45 arc weapons in all slots youd not like to run into mine, 90 or 180 degree dbb bo or torpedo hyt/spread means outside my cannons your still gonna take nasty hits. Going all cannons is a bit of a waste because you limit yourself to what you can do. 5 forward weapons should really use 1 torp or beam atleast. To many tac slots on these ships to not diversify.

Make good use of things like attackpattern beta and omega, or dispersal patterns to really throw out the hurt. Anyone running 5 DHC will be fairly easy to dispatch once your outside their arc but if your in their arc god help ya.
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I like the look of this ship and its five fore weapons, however I am not interested in the wing cannons, can these be taken off and the slot be used like a standard weapon slot, if so, what would be the best version to get (i am running an engi toon).
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02-23-2013, 05:06 AM
I have to agree with the Pandas.

Bought the triple pack, played with its consoles for a bit. Ditched consoles.

They are junk, much more dps with 5dhc. Im a sucker for the tac version though, its pretty sweet in pvp or pve

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02-23-2013, 05:45 AM
Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
The wing cannon consoles are completely worthless, they do not function well with other cannon abilities and they are terrible even in PvE (which is seriously saying something).

The wing cannon pets die if they are farted on, and put out about as much DPS as a pair of mosquitos.

The Cannon Overload is like a beam overload, except its on a three minute cooldown, has four second charge up time, and puts other cannon abilities on a full fifteen second cooldown.

Oh, and using any cannon abilities at all will put it on a 15s cooldown, which considering you're flying an escort with 5 fore weapon slots and a minimum of 7 tactical stations you are likely to be using a cannon ability every available moment you are flying the ship.

The Tachyon thing, I used at least ten times and as far as I can tell did nothing of any value. You can just fire DHCs with CRF for a better shield damage spike.

So basically don't expect to make use of the consoles at all, they are garbage.

The Wing Cannon itself is decent in pve but not really significantly better than a DHC.

It is also saddled with the terrible DMGx4 (it might as well be [NOODLES]x4), with no ACC, so weak in pvp as well.

The 2 piece bonus gives ACC, which would be fantastic, but even for 10% ACC which Id normally kill for in PvP - these consoles and their "special" powers are so bad that it would just be a complete waste of 2 console slots (which are at a premium at this point).

The consoles are really THAT awful.

The ship itself (ENG / SCI versions - avoid Tac version) is very good, but don't even for a second think the consoles have any value at all.

I removed them after 3 STFs, checking my combat parser and seeing how pointless they were.
I'm of the same opinion sadly enough.

Now I simply fly the ENG version without any consoles. The whole CD things really had me flabbergasted when I discovered it. As long as the weapon is liked to the normal BO ability CD I'll never used them. The ship over all is a nice step up from the Patrol Escort weapon wise and bonus on shields and armor but that is all the value I see in it presently. And really 3 minutes with a charge up as well as manual deployment and the associated time?

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