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Proof ferjai's are bugged with logs to prove it

to begin from the end
currently the Ferjai frigates and advanced ones firing solution is all messed up leaving what might have been the best pet in kdf side , a lesser version of even the brolths

people have been claiming it a long time to no avail or notice

also now comes the nerf of the tricos which of course affects the little guys and still no attention

so here is backed up date by combatlogparser ( upload of the said log in the end )

Testing Setup

1 karfi +4 ferjai advanced frigates .
1 recluse just self healing

6 minutes time where's in the slow recluse just circles around while only pets engage it

results ( for those 2 lazy to open the logs ) :

turrets with and without rapid fire II did a combined dmg of 139000.
the dual cannons with and without rapid fire II did a "whopping " 2132 dmg

yes this was not a typo. roughly 1/65 of that dmg

incase u were wondering ..the turrets got activated 3300 times during those 6 minutes and the cannons 1/100 times of that..a mere 30 times

even tricos had further actuations then the cannons - about 60 times combined .

now i know us KDF is a neglected side . but really enough is enough

the karfi supposed to be from the get go the best carrier in game no just KDF side

the Ferjai's stats make them on paper the best pets to have .

but ur firing solutions are not good to say the least ...if the ferjais cant fire their cannons at all then plz put beams and beam overload as u did with the new jamhaddar pets

if not then plz fix the cannons and tricos firing rate ( which should be doubled now that the CD is halfed )

here is the original combat log link:

if u want link to a scrnshot of that log :

this is a long overdue check up , and if ur not releasing for the past year any new kdf ships for what ever reasons u dim right ..u can i think at the very least take care of the ships we do have

hopefully a nice dev would see it and solve with us kdf players the hanger pets issues once and for all

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