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# 1 A real battlecruiser!
02-22-2013, 04:07 PM
I would like to see a real or remake of the Vor'cha battlecruiser. A better bridge layout something like this:
1 Lt. Command Tac
1 Commander Eng
1 Lt. Command Eng
1 Ensign Eng (or 1 Ensign Sci)
1 Lt. Sci
+10 to weapons and engines +5 to shield and auxiliary
Battle Cloak
10 or 12 turn rate
4 (or 5) weapons fore
4 aft
1500 crew
4 Tac consoles
3 Eng consoles
3 Sci consoles
This last one is meh, so something like a disruptor focus cannon coming out of the pod in front, or not lol.

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