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Hello All,

I'm looking to see what adjustments if any I should be looking to make to my Science main that only flys Carriers.

I just hopped back to my Vo'Quv after a month or so in the Recluse.

My Current build can be found here:


My Doff setup looks like this:

2 x Very Rare Maintenance Doffs for my ET3

2 x Rare Flight Deck Doffs for reduced launch times (not sure if there worth using anymore)

1 Very Rare Gravimetric Scientist for my GW3

Weapons Fore:

2 x Fleet Disruptor Turret with 1 Fleet Disruptor Beam Array

Weapons Aft:

2 x Fleet Disruptor Turret wiith the Borg Cutting Beam

Any constructive advice is welcome.

Thanks for your time

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