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# 1 Ambassador class build needed
02-23-2013, 02:20 AM
I have been playing around with the Ambassador class build, but I have found it to be entirely awful. It seems to get worse the more I play with it and I dread playing in space with this thing. My build is posted below, I hope someone can explain how to fix this as I get 1 shotted by everything with full power to shields and I am using an Aegis set.

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02-23-2013, 03:11 AM
Depends on if your using T3, T5 3rd ann, or the Fleet ambassador. Id put points into power insulators to cut your drain down on your weapons. If your using polaron/tet/tach weapons points into flow caps to increase their effects. A polaron beam will go from 25 drain to almost 50 with full flow caps.

Drop armor reinforcement. Drop graviton generators. Put points into impulse thrusters to get max turnrate. Put points into projectiles if you use torps/mines. Put points into starship maneuvers for max defense value. Drop some points out of shield performance and put some into engine. I run at 125/81/61/53 power lvls on mine. You can take some points out of threat control 6 is enough in most cases.

For referance im running the Fleet ambassador. This is my layout. My lt is universal so i switch it depending on what i need.

LT universal, Tac Fire at will 2, Torpedo Spread 1. Eng, Emergancy power to Shields 1, Reverse shield polarity 2. Sci Science Team 2, Tractor beam 1.

Ens tac - Tac team 1

LT Tac - BO 2, HYT1 or i run 2 copies of FAW2.

LTC Sci - Polarize hull 1, Hazard emitters 2, Transfer shield strength 3

Cmd Eng - switched on situations like rest. Usually. Auxillary to structual integrity field 3, Emergancy power to shields 3, Eng team 2, Emergancy power to shields 1.

Alternates are swapping for Eject warp plasma 3/ extend shields 3 based on if you need to be healer or crowd control.

My consoles are, 3 phaser relays, 3 sci shield cap consoles, 1 RCS for just a bit more turnrate. 1 Neutronium consoles for armor, and the romulan console, and the borg console.

My engine deflector and shields are the MK XI borg set. I run 6 mk 12 phaser beams, 1 cutting beam in the back, and 1 Wide arc quantum torpedo up front. Makes for an 8 weapon broadside that doesnt drain massive power.

My shield heals are less for restoring shield and more for giving them resistance, borg regen shields heal quickly, i also have the romulan space skill for +shield regen. I can go from about 30% hull 0 shields to full hull full shields hitting my heals. I rarely if ever have to use brace for impact or my rotate shield freq or my MW skills.

I use 2 projectile doffs very rares so my 1 torpedo does the work of 2 launchers. A doff that cuts Eng team cool down, one that reduced emergancy power cool downs, and one that gives bonus power when using emergancy powers.

The build gives my ambassador, manuverability, firepower, awesome healing abilities, high shield/hull resists and regeneration, and flexability in its use of kinetic or energy dmg.

I run several boffs off each type so i can switch between tasks as needed, like single target dmg or AOE based dmg to max out what my ship can do against a foe.

Reg or Fleet ambassador is an impressive ship if run right. And while borg set might seem outdated its really viable if you focus on hardening the shield and maxing the regen rates to refill the cap. Though you could run any set at top tier, my main Eng toon runs borg, while my sci captain runs aegis on her ambassador. But my build is the same for both, if you cant get some skills like transfer shields 3 swap to TSS2 and use HE3.

Oh and reason i dont focus on hardening my hull with resists is hull resist has horrible deminishing returns, and sadly you could take all the resists and armor consoles in the game and Elite STF borg will still 1 shot you. I can go through hive and not die once, and next time i go and get 1 shotted 10 times in a row. Nothing will stop 70k hits or 3x 28k chained hits. Its not the ship thats the problem with 1 shotting its the devs npc dmg.

They took away borgs ability to crit us for 900k+ dmg but 900k or 70k dead is dead. My Wells has 24k per shield facing on its shields, tac team + TSS3 + EPTS1 + Brace for impact and scattering field, gate 1 shots my wells through its full shields and hull for 38k dmg. STO wants you dead your dead. Bad game design but take it and roll on.

Hope this helps sorry its so long,

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