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# 1 Slow Internet Question
01-12-2010, 06:45 AM
So, downloading the client is a pain because on a cable connection, my max is 68 KB/sec for EVERYTHING. Now, I know this is terrible. I am temporarily in France, and cannot deal with it any longer.

So, my landlord has the wireless router in the apartment below me (my connection is still excellent). He claims (and he knows nothing about computers) that the connection is so slow because he is "at the end of the line" and there has a slow connection speed. However, if that were true (I do not even know if that theory is sound), then wouldn't my speeds increase at off-peak hours? But it does not! The max stays at 68 KB/sec.

Would you think it is the router/provider itself that is terrible and not the "end of the line" story? Would calling the provider help?

The terrible router is some French catch-all that is a modem/router all-in-one. I tried hooking up a Wireless N router to it, but it said that it could not have two routers. I therefore realized how stupid I was, and tested the thing by plugging a cable from it to my computer. Wireless or Wired, it is 68 KB/sec.

It seems like it is no coincidence that 68 KB/sec is the highest it will go on THREE computers that I have checked. Help!!!

I guess my question is this. Is the "it is at the end of the line" and therefore gets a permanently slow connection (at all times of the day) because everyone else on the line gets it first really possible? Or should I just contact the provider myself (which is not a bad idea in itself, except I know it will upset the landlord because he will feel I just do not believe him)?
Lt. Commander
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# 2
01-12-2010, 06:58 AM
I would check what kind of connection he has and what type of router it is. If it's an old geriatric d-link I'd suggest replacing it But if he's on 2mbit adsl/cable/carrier pigeon then there's not much to do except upgrade the connection.

I remember playing on french quake3 servers a few years back and the only thing worse was dutch cable. The ping was horrible from sweden. From what i've heard the last few years things haven't improved that much either..

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