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I assume most people get purple Mk XII's or unique blues from stores using Lobi crystals or lock boxes? Teach me the ways of the masters.
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06-21-2014, 07:01 PM
Not entirely true. There's also Rep gear.
Originally Posted by Voth Guy
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Originally Posted by rattler2 View Post
Not entirely true. There's also Rep gear.
And fleet gear.
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Originally Posted by ashkrik23 View Post
And fleet gear.
I'm talking besides those.
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Purples (very rare items) do drop inside of missions and stfs.

The 'easiest' to achieve I have found is in the Gorn Minefield STF. By placing first your guaranteed to get 2, 1 for 2nd, and a rare for 3rd place.

Starbase 24 also seems to have above average drops.

Normal and Elite stf's do drop them as well, but as of Season 8 they seem fewer than what I once experienced.

We've also seen vr X and XI drop in the Undine Space Battlezone. Over the last week that number seem higher than normal, I have encounter 2 VR weapon drops.
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Occasionally from a boss fight they'll drop a random purple, though mostly purple-12s are a totally randomized reward from beating some of the queue missions or a round of kerrat. Its not like other MMOs where you can farm Torvalds The Mindslayer and hope after enough runs he'll drop the Hellreign Phaser Array. You just run missions and hope the RNG is kind to you. That's why Exchange prices on genuinely good non-bound gear are so silly; they truly are random drops. If you're looking for particular gear, you'll get it faster if you either farm EC and just buy it, or farm dil and hit the rep/fleet stuff. The odds of actually getting that Mk12 [crtd]x3 beam array you want from a mission (let alone 6 of them), well you're better off buying powerball tickets.

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