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# 1 Fleet Ranks
02-23-2013, 04:49 PM
Hey everyone. I am hoping if I get enough responses Cryptic may actually do something about it.

7 ranks for a fleet is just nuts. Our fleet is rapidly approaching 500 active members. So 7 ranks doesn't come close to doing it. Am I alone in this thinking? We need at least 10 ranks min. Please post your thoughts.
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02-23-2013, 10:38 PM
I don't think there should even be a cap on how many ranks you have. I've had to combine ranks in my fleet to coincide with our website. On our site our ranking structure is:

Crewman (New Recruits)
Lt. Commander
Rear Admiral LH
Rear Admiral UH
Vice Admiral
Fleet Admiral

We use to have Lt. Junior Grade, but had to get rid of that as it was getting too messy when we introduced the Crewman rank to avoid people bank raiding us. Now I've combined ranks in the fleet to the following 7 ranks:

1. Crewman
2. ENS. Lieutenant
3. LT CMDR. Commander
4. Captain
5. REAR. Vice Admiral
6. Admiral
7. Fleet Admiral

Our Officer ranks in the fleet with administrative duties are Captain and above. So 3 officer ranks share the same rank tab and then I've got 2 regular member ranks in game being shared among 4 Starfleet ranks. I know I could always change it to less ranks, but I wanted to keep our fleet true to Star Trek.

I don't see how giving us unlimited ranks is going to hurt anyone or the server; heck even if they doubled the amount it'd be something. I just find the whole fleet system a little archaic. I would like to be able to assign administrative duties to 'individuals' in the fleet and not be restricted to just assigning permissions to a rank.

I personally think the whole interface system should be looked at and as a side note, I'd like to see Star Trek Uniforms that are only available to fleets to use, so fleets are easier to distinguish by what they are wearing and at least it'd be another perk to join a fleet - just like with the emblems.
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02-24-2013, 10:44 AM
Personally I'd rather they made it so we can limit who can send out fleet wide emails and make it so the top brass isn't limited to one fleet mail per 24hrs.
Unfortunately the way it is right now, in order to read fleet wide emails you need to have the ability to send them.

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