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02-24-2013, 08:09 AM
So we know when we reach Admiral Cryptic wants us to be able to use BOffs as Captains. So here's a few comments and concerns I'd like to voice here.

1. Rear Admirals in Today's Navy... are typically in charge of naval squadrons. They essentially are doing what Cryptic is already said they plan to do at Admiral. In the USN each Carrier group's commander is RAdm. What would offset this is maybe give you one Captain you can train and have fly with you. So start the system with one at RAdm LH, and move it up as you gain RAdm UH, VAdm, and Adm. This would give you 4 Captains at Admiral, or they could choose not to grant one at RAdm UH and leave that in favor of FAdm. But this really should be a scaling thing, not: BAM! Adm, now you have 4 posers as an entourage.

2. Where do these ships come from? Are these going to be truly your unused ships? Well I can see this going awry really quick if they are. My main is a tank build, she uses all the skills and has ships that work from those skills. So what this tells me is, A) I need to have more than cruisers in my shipyard, possibly a well balanced mix of ships, B) do I need 5 NEW BOffs to man those ships - or is it all going to be based on the Captain I designate? We only have so many ship and BOff slots (ESPECIALLY F2P players).

3. So we promote someone to Captain... do they get new skills? Are they going to be different than what's available? I'm curious how this would work. I could see a full Away Team of yourself and 4 Captains with 25 Kit Powers among them tearing through a lot of mobs.

4. AI - Now I'm not going to expect the AI to keep up with me in terms of teamwork or management, this I accept. But lets say, I move away from the battle to prep for another (as tank I may need a head-start); do the Captains leave combat the moment I do? I could see some of them getting stuck behind pretty bad. I also see this getting to be a challenge for AI routing.

5. Skills - Will they have skill trees so that if I were DPS I could skill them in Threat Control or something. Essentially giving my team a proper makeup or is there some other mechanic in work here.

6. Toggles - Can we have a toggle so we can set the default or override the default to not bring these posers with us. Sometimes I like to just fly into a swarm of enemies and see how much the ship can take. If these wannabe's go in there they're going to start messing up what I want to do.


Some Random VAdm, (expendable probably)

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